8,500 US troops on alert to anticipate Ukraine crisis getting worse

8,500 US troops on alert to anticipate Ukraine crisis getting worse

California - About US colors were put on alert Monday for a possible deployment to Europe, raising pressures as Russia refuses to back down from the trouble of an irruption of Ukraine. 


 The order was issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to units now in the US that will come part of NATO forces if the alliance decides to spark a military response, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby told a news briefing. The move includes Army squad combat brigades as well as logistics, medical, aeronautics and transportation units. 

"We want to make sure that we are ready if the call comes, and that means making sure that the units that will be contributing to it are ready as snappily as possible in the shortest possible time,"Kirby said." Again, no final decision has been made to emplace them."


Some of those US colors could also be stationed unilaterally, and the Pentagon says further colors formerly posted in Europe could be moved to NATO member countries on the east side of the mainland. 

The medications come as tactfulness between the West and Moscow fails to produce a advance, and Russia continues to add politic legion groups along the Ukrainian border and increase colors near Belarus, according to the Pentagon. The Biden administration estimates that around Russian colors are being convened for a possible irruption. 


President Joe Biden is listed to meet with European leaders via videotape conference on Monday to bandy the developing security extremity around Ukraine. 

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken met on Friday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a shot to break the impasse, and he said addresses would continue. Russia has demanded guarantees that Ukraine will noway join NATO and that the alliance will withdraw colors from its eastern bank. 


The State Department issued an order Sunday for family members of US delegacy staff in Ukraine to leave the country. 

The NATO Response Force, or NRF, is a"technologically advanced"multi-national force conforming of some ground, air, maritime and special operations forces. Advised US units will contribute to any NRF sweats authorized by the alliance, but the Pentagon says no operations are planned yet. 


"This is about transferring a strong communication, that we're committed to NATO and we're committed to icing that our abettors have the capabilities they need if they need to defend themselves,"Kirby said. 

Russia has shown no intention of backing down from its buildup around Ukraine, and Kirby said it would be" reckless"if the Pentagon didn't make medications for a possible deployment. 

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