Specifications of China's Type 055 Ship, The World's Largest And Deadliest Destroyer

Specifications of China's Type 055 Ship, The World's Largest And Deadliest Destroyer
 Specifications of China's Type 055 Ship, The World's Largest And Deadliest Destroyer

International Military - The Chinese Type 055 Destroyer ship some time ago stole the attention. This is because this destroyer became the largest warship produced in East Asia after World War II.

The Type 055 Destroyer has been dubbed the world's deadliest warship by Chinese state media. This multi-role ship can be deployed to penetrate long-range air defenses, anti-surface warfare, anti-air warfare, to confront submarines.

The Chinese Type 055 Destroyer was first introduced in 2017, and entered service in January 2020. Due to its capabilities and size, this ship is often compared to the American Ticonderoga-class warships.

China's Type 055 Ship

Type 055 Destroyer China The destroyer with hull number 101 is named Nanchang. The design of this combat vehicle itself has been going on since 2014 by the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai. The ship, which has a maximum displacement of 13,000 tons, is 180 meters long and 20 meters wide. Making the Chinese Type 055 Destroyer capable of accommodating two helicopters.

As a warship, Nanchang is armed with several types of missiles, including YJ-18A anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM) and YJ-100 long-range ASCM, as well as surface-to-air missiles (SAM), as well as HQ-10 short-range missile launchers and missiles HHQ-9B long range.

The main gun mounted on the bow deck was a 130mm H/PJ-38 type gun. For defense against submarine attacks, this ship has been equipped with YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missiles, CJ-10 land attack cruise missiles, and anti-submarine torpedoes.

The Type 055 Destroyer has been blessed with four Type 346B Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars, L-band and X-band radars, hull-mounted sonar, towed array sonar (TAS) and variable depth sonar (VDS). The vessel, powered by four QC-280 gas turbine engines paired with two propellers, is capable of speeds in excess of 30k, and a standard range of 5,000nm at an average speed of 18k.

The Type 055 is a class of guided-missile destroyers being built for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China. It is considered one of the most advanced and largest surface combatants in the Chinese navy. Here are the specifications of the Type 055 ship based on the information available up until my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Please note that there may have been updates or modifications since then.

1. Dimensions:

  • Length: Approximately 180 meters (590 feet)
  • Beam: Approximately 20 meters (66 feet)
  • Draft: Approximately 6.6 meters (22 feet)
  • Displacement: Approximately 12,000 to 13,000 tons

2. Propulsion:

  • Combined gas turbine and gas turbine (COGAG) propulsion system
  • Four gas turbine engines driving four shafts
  • Specific details about the power output and exact engine type are not publicly available.

3. Performance:

  • Maximum speed: Estimated to be around 30+ knots (55+ kilometers per hour or 34+ miles per hour)
  • Range: Estimated to be around 7,000 to 8,000 nautical miles (13,000 to 15,000 kilometers)

4. Armaments:

  • Vertical launch system (VLS) cells for launching various types of missiles, including:
  • Long-range anti-air missiles (e.g., HHQ-9B, HHQ-9C)
  • Land-attack cruise missiles (e.g., CJ-10)
  • Anti-ship missiles (e.g., YJ-18, YJ-100)
  • Naval gun systems, including a dual-purpose 130mm main gun and multiple smaller caliber guns for close-in defense.
  • Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) weapons, including torpedoes and ASW rockets.
  • Point-defense systems, such as close-in weapon systems (CIWS) for protection against incoming missiles and aircraft.

5. Sensors and Systems:

  • Active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar systems for air and surface surveillance.
  • Advanced command, control, and communication systems.
  • Integrated combat management system.
  • Electronic warfare and decoy systems for self-protection.
  • Comprehensive sensor suite, including sonar systems for anti-submarine warfare.

6. Aircraft Facilities:

  • The Type 055 is equipped with a large flight deck and a hangar to accommodate helicopters.
  • It can operate multiple helicopters, including anti-submarine warfare helicopters (e.g., Z-18) and utility helicopters (e.g., Z-9).

7. Crew:

  • Estimated to have a crew complement of around 200 to 300 personnel.

The Type 055 class of ships represents a significant advancement in the PLAN's surface warfare capabilities. It features advanced sensors, long-range strike capabilities, and enhanced air defense systems.

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