Russia Is Ready To Take Action If The F-16 Fighter Jet Appears In The Sky Of Ukraine

Russia Is Ready To Take Action If The F-16 Fighter Jet Appears In The Sky Of Ukraine
Russia Is Ready To Take Action If The F-16 Fighter Jet Appears In The Sky Of Ukraine

Moscow - The Russian government says it will take countermeasures if Western-made F-16 fighter jets appear in the sky over Ukraine. The threat was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moscow Sergey Lavrov during an interview with the Russia Today television channel last weekend.

According to Lavrov, Russia has issued a very serious demarcation in relation to the possible delivery of F-16 aircraft to Kiev. He also claimed that the fighter jets would be used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry nuclear weapons and attack Russian troops.

“Now there is talk of the F-16 aircraft being able to be equipped to carry nuclear weapons. We have said it openly," "Of course... a military-technical response will follow," Lavrov said.

Since the start of the invasion in February 2022, the Government of Ukraine has requested fighter jets from international allies to provide tactical air support to the frontline. President Volodymyr Zelensky even stated that delaying the delivery of fighter aircraft such as the F-16 could prolong the war and cause more damage.

Poland and Slovakia have pledged warplanes to Kiev to protect civilians from the many bombs that have fallen on their homes. But US President Joe Biden said earlier this year he would not send requested F-16s to aid Ukraine in its war against Russia.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price also told reporters that ground-based defense systems are far more effective in countering Russia's formidable air force. "We will continue to provide our Ukrainian partners with the surface-to-air systems they need to deal with the threats they face from Russian missiles, from Russian rockets, from artillery," he said.

While it has no guarantees that the F-16s will be delivered to Ukraine, American defense giant Lockheed Martin has said it is ready to help if the US reverses its previous decision. The company can train Ukrainian pilots to fly and maintain the planes, according to Lockheed Martin Chief Operating Officer Frank St John.

"We stand ready to not only replenish emerging needs with the new F-16, but any modification of the F-16 as well as training, equipment and systems," he said.


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