Comparison of Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI Fighter Jets, Which is Superior?

Comparison of Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI Fighter Jets, Which is Superior?
Comparison of Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI Fighter Jets

International Military - There are quite a number of advanced fighter jets that have been developed in the world. Of the many, some examples are the Dassault Rafale and the Su-30MKI. In the history of development and use, the quality of these two fighter jets has been tested. The user countries also feel quite satisfied with the performance that was delivered.

So, what is the comparison between the Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI fighter jets? Check out the reviews! Comparison of Rafale and Su-30MKI Fighter Jets

1. Dassault Rafale Fighter

The Rafale is a twin-jet fighter aircraft produced by Dassault Aviation. This fighter jet is designed to perform a variety of short to long range missions. Quoting the Airforce Technology page, the Rafale was developed for the French Navy and Air Force. However, in its development it has also been used by other countries including India.

The Rafale is powered by two M88-2 engines from SNECMA. In terms of weaponry, they are capable of carrying loads of more than 9 tons. A number of weapons that can be carried include Mica, Magic, Sidewinder air missiles, then PGM100 land missiles, to anti-ship missiles such as Exocet, Penguin 3 and Harpoon.

Meanwhile, for strategic missions the Rafale can also carry the ASMP MBDA nuclear missile. Over time, the development of this fighter jet continues, including upgrading the weapons sector.

2. Sukhoi Su-30MKI Fighter

The Su-30MKI is a fighter aircraft developed by the collaboration of Sukhoi Design Bureau and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The purpose of the manufacture itself is for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The Su-30MKI was designed in 1995. After making a number of prototypes between 1995-1998, production began at the Irkutsk plant in 2000. In its runway, the Su-30MKI carries two AI-31FP turbojet engines. These components allow it to accelerate to a maximum speed of Mach 1.9 in horizontal flight and a climb rate of 300 meters per second.

Turning to weapons, the Su-30MKI is armed with a 30mm Gsh-30-1 cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition. In addition, this fighter jet has 12 hardpoints capable of carrying up to 8 tonnes of payload. The Su-30MKI can carry a variety of air-to-surface missiles, such as the Kh-29L/T/TYe, Kh-31A/P, Kh-59M and Nirbhay. Then, they can also equip it with BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles that can reach targets within 290 km.

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