Russian Military Deploys TOS-1A Buratino To Burn Ukrainian Soldiers Alive

Russian Military Deploys TOS-1A Buratino To Burn Ukrainian Soldiers Alive
Russian Military Deploys TOS-1A Buratino To Burn Ukrainian Soldiers Alive

Moscow - Do not want to linger any longer, Russia attacked Ukraine on a large scale. Russia used the TOS-1A Buratino, which is equipped with a thermobaric warhead, to attack Ukraine near Vuhledar in eastern Ukraine.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, in the circulating video, many soldiers and combat vehicles were burnt in the brutal attack.

TOS-1 is a heavyweight flamethrower system, specially created to finish off targets by setting fire to the area and everything in it, including any enemies that may be in it.

The TOS-1 which began to be used in Afghanistan was so effective that it continues to be a mainstay, including in the Chechen conflict. Russia does take a different approach in making vehicle-mounted flamethrower weapons.

While the US used liquid fuel that was sprayed and then ignited as in the M67 Zippo MBT, Russia opted for a much neater, more efficient and far-reaching package using rockets.

The FAE (Fuel-Air Explosive) concoction was chosen as the extraordinary incendiary weapon that is packaged from the RPO-A Shmel flank gun to the rocket artillery used by the TOS-1 Buratino.

The fearsome ability of Buratino's weapon was successfully wrapped in the form of a 220m caliber FHS-1 rocket tube, so that the transport vehicle did not need to carry a mixed fuel mixture canister, reducing the risk of being hit by small arms. The warheads of these solid-propellant rockets consist of a flammable liquid mixture (prophyl-nitrate compound) and the light metal magnesium which reacts easily and ignites.

As the carrier rocket glides through the air, the mixture begins to combine to form a flammable liquid. By the time the rocket reaches its target, the container of the magnesium nitrate compound opens, dispersing it to form an aerosol cloud. Seconds later, a small explosive in the body of the rocket ignites the aerosol, producing a giant fireball of lightning, followed by a massive high-pressure shock wave.

As a consequence, the pressure around the affected site drops dramatically (approximately 160mm mercury column). This pressure difference is enough to rupture eardrums, lungs, eyes—all membrane-filled, air-filled organs.

Nothing can fend off the almighty effect of Explosive Fuel Air because of the presence of oxygen around us- as long as there is air, the FAE will chase us wherever we are.

With 30 rockets fired at a single point, the detonation effect is capable of covering an area of 2-3 km2, with a killzone in an area of 200x400m from the point of impact. so that the Buratino's destructive effect arguably far exceeds that of conventional rocket artillery weapons. Another plus point, accuracy is not so influential for Buratino.

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