Russia Needs to Be Alert, US Supplies Ukraine with JDAM Smart Bombs To Fight Enemy

Russia Needs to Be Alert, US Supplies Ukraine with JDAM Smart Bombs To Fight Enemy
US Supplies Ukraine with JDAM Smart Bombs To Fight Enemy

International Military - The Ukrainian Air Force can now use the Joint Direct Attack Munition-Extended Range, or JDAM-ER, smart bomb against Russian troops. This was disclosed by a high-ranking officer of the United States Air Force (US) in Europe.

"Recently, we've just gotten some precision munitions (into Ukraine) that have a longer range and a little bit farther than gravity drop bombs and have (guidance) precision," said US Air Force Gen. James Hecker, Chief of the Air Force. US Air in Europe (USAFE), as well as NATO Allied Air Command and US Air Forces Africa (AFAFRICA).

"That's a recent capability we've probably been able to give them in the last three weeks," he added as quoted from The War Zone, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

Furthermore, he confirmed that he had specifically spoken about JDAM-ER. However, the exact configuration of the JDAM-ER that has been received by Ukraine is so far unclear. It is also not known what platform the Ukrainian forces used to deploy these weapons.

Hecker also stressed that the total number of JDAM-ERs currently in Ukraine's possession is limited. "They have (the numbers) enough to carry out several attacks," he said.

Hecker specifically noted that the JDAM-ER provides Ukrainian forces with the ability to engage entirely new targets that may be beyond the range of existing airborne weapons launchers and ground-based systems, including the US-supplied HIMARS rocket system as well as derivative variants of the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket. System (MLRS) provided by other countries.

The head of USAFE acknowledged that the current circumstances facing the Ukrainian Air Force could prevent the JDAM-ER from being used to its full potential. "I don't want to get into exact tactics... but obviously, the lower you are, and the farther from the surface an air missile can detect you because the curvature of the earth affects how far the bomb can travel," explained General Hecker.

"There are tactics where you can go down and do a few things and come back." The USAFE chief's confirmation that Ukrainian troops are fielding the JDAM-ER comes as speculation has grown that several videos that have surfaced on social media in recent days may show examples of the weapon's use.

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