5 Sophistication of Italian MX Ghibli Fighter Jets Supplied to Ukraine to Fight the Russian Army

5 Sophistication of Italian MX Ghibli Fighter Jets Supplied to Ukraine to Fight the Russian Army
5 Sophistication of Italian MX Ghibli Fighter Jets Supplied to Ukraine to Fight the Russian Army

International Military - Ukraine is a country at war. Various military weapons assistance came from various countries, one of which was MX Ghibli Jets supplied from Italy. The Italian government will officially send its military weapons to Ukraine. This is in accordance with the agreement reached during the visit of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Keiv, Ukraine.

Among these delivery options is the Italian AMX Ghibli fighter jet, a fighter-bomber that will be retired throughout the Italian Air Force by the end of this year.

The Ukrainian government hopes that the delivery of fighter jets from Italy will soon reach an agreement. Because with its sophistication it is hoped that it can ward off attacks from Russia in its country.

Here are five Italian MX Ghibli fighter jets that will be supplied to Ukraine!

1. Capable of Carrying Bombs and Missiles in Large Numbers

This fighter aircraft can carry air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, free-fall bombs, retardation bombs, laser-guided bombs, cluster bombs, precision-guided ammunition, and rocket launchers.

AMX aircraft of the Italian Air Force were also equipped with GBU-12 bombs and equipped with an Opher imaging infrared terminal guidance kit provided by Elbit of Israel. In addition, the launch rails at the wingtips can also carry the AIM-9L infrared-guided Sidewinder air-to-air missile.

2. Has a Complete Default Weapon

Italy's AMX AF has been armed with Lizard laser-guided bombs from Elbit. This particular bomb has a 500 lb mk 82 warhead. In addition, a US JDAM combined direct attack ammunition is also installed on the Italian AMX.

Meanwhile the Italian aircraft was armed with an M61A1 multi-barreled gun with 350 rounds of 20mm ammunition mounted on the underside of the fuselage.

3. Has a Complete Aviation and Security System

The AMX advanced attack trainer (AMX-ATA) is a new two-seat AMX multi-mission attack fighter for combat and advanced training roles.

The AMX-ATA incorporates a new sensor, forward infrared, a helmet-mounted display, a new multi-mode radar for anti-air and anti-ship capabilities and a new weapons system such as anti-ship and medium-range missiles.

4. Having a Special Role in Conducting Ground Attacks

AMX Ghibli is an aircraft that is specifically tasked with carrying out attacks on the ground and is able to survive in any weather conditions. However, this fighter jet can also be relied upon in close air support, reconnaissance and armed patrol missions. This makes the AMX Ghibli highly effective in air defense missions and primary combat roles.

5. Has a Management System

The fighter jet is equipped with active and passive electronic countermeasures systems provided by Elettronica. This one sensor is used as a radar warning receiver mounted on the tail fin.

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