5 List of Pro-Ukrainian Groups During the War with Russia, Who Are They?

5 List of Pro-Ukrainian Groups During the War with Russia, Who Are They?
5 List of Pro-Ukrainian Groups During the War with Russia

International Military - The war between Russia and Ukraine has not shown any signs of abating after the war has been going on for a year. Attacks are still being carried out by Russia on Ukrainian territory to this day. It was not only the military that was fighting, other groups or organizations were also involved.

Here are some groups that are pro-Ukraine on the battlefield !

1. Ukrainian Azov Regiment

The Azov Regiment is known as a right-wing neo-Nazi group that developed into part of the Ukrainian armed forces. Launching Al Jazeera, Azov is a right-wing volunteer infantry unit whose members are estimated at 900 people.

Members of the Azov regiment took part in political parties and street militias. Azov's presence on the battlefield was detected in March 2022. At that time, a video circulated showing Asov members coating their bullets with lard, in order to fight Chechen Muslim soldiers. It is known that the Chechen Muslim soldiers were a pro-Russian group that also participated in the fight.

2. Honor Group

Honor is a pro-Ukrainian group whose name is increasingly being discussed when it appears briefly on the New York Times website. This group is a movement of youth groups led by Serhii Filimonov, a former member of the Azov regiment.

Honor was involved in the war in eastern Ukraine. Later, Honor was listed as the Ukrainian national guard. Honor members are said to have fought in southeastern Ukraine.

3. Bratzvo Group

Next, there is Bratstvo which is a Ukrainian political party. This name also has a very deep meaning, namely brotherhood.

Bratstvo members are fighting in eastern Ukraine and are under the command of the Ukrainian military. Unfortunately, 4 Bratstvo members died in a raid in Russia at the end of 2022.

4. Ukrainian International Legion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky formed the Ukrainian International Legion at the start of the Russian invasion, February 2022. He invited foreigners to help Ukraine fight against Russia.

Registration is done openly on the TheInternationalLegion.org page. There are several criteria needed by the Ukrainian government, namely being confident in military situations and high stress, having eastern experience, understanding weapons, and being able to join as soon as possible.

Quoting CNN, there is no exact figure for the number of foreign fighters in Ukraine since the start of the war. However, according to Jason Mann, from the United States, it is estimated that currently there are only thousands. Mann, who arrived in Ukraine in March 2022, remains committed to helping Ukraine face Russia.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is an international organization pro-Ukraine. Through a full statement by NATO on its official website, the organization which contains 30 countries strongly condemns the attacks carried out by Russia, and is committed to helping Ukraine.

This is because Ukraine is a close partner of NATO. Since the invasion began in February 2022, all NATO member countries have agreed to provide assistance of USD 80 billion to Ukraine. Apart from that, NATO members also sent aid in the form of packages of weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and other supporting equipment.

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