The Israeli Air Force Wants to Own US F-15 EX Fighters, Here's the Reason!

The Israeli Air Force Wants to Own US F-15 EX Fighters, Here's the Reason!
The Israeli Air Force Wants to Own US F-15 EX Fighters

International Military - There are a number of advantages the US's F-15EX fighters would like the Israeli air force to have. F-15 EX Fighters are fighter aircraft that have a number of advantages over the others. The F-15 fighter jet has been developed by the United States Air Force (US) and was first flown in July 1972.

The F-15 EX Fighters is the most recent version of the F-15 and is predicted to be equipped with a myriad of advantages in it. Here are five advantages possessed by US F-15 EX fighters

1. Has a Stronger Airframe

Quoted from the airandspaceforces website, the new F-15EX will have strong bones and can last up to 20,000 hours. That time means his entire body will last well into the 2040s or 50s. Apart from surviving for a long time due to natural factors, the power possessed by this fighter jet can also be sturdy when under attack from enemy fighter planes. Therefore the American military made the F-15 a mainstay for its Air Force.

2. Has a Larger Fuel Tank

The material tank of the F-15 Ex fighter jet is relatively larger than the usual size. This aims to extend the flight time in the air. Even though it has a large fuel tank, its shape can still be hidden. So it doesn't interfere with flight activities and the plane can fly flatter and horizontally.

3. Has a Larger Weapon Capacity

Even though it appears to have some stealth attributes, the mainstay of the United States fighter jet is different from fighter aircraft in general. This is because the F-15 EX has a larger weapons capacity than other stealth fighter jets. Each United States F-15 EX Fighter is capable of carrying nearly 30,000 pounds of weapons. Meanwhile, stealth aircraft are generally only able to carry 5,700 pounds.

4. Has an Electronic Eagle Passive or Active Warning and Survivability System (EPAWSS)

Eagle Passive electronics or Active Warning and Survivability System can certainly increase mission effectiveness and survivability for the operator. The F-15EX EPAWSS has successfully proven that they can perform in a large force environment to penetrate sophisticated enemy air defenses and can increase mission flexibility.

5. Has Very High Speed

The F-15 EX Fighters is one of the fastest jet categories ever among the world's militaries. The speed of this jet reaches 1,875 mph, so it can be used to dodge attacks quickly. Quoted from timesofisrael, Looking at the sophistication of the F-15 EX Fighters made in the United States. Making Israel has ordered as many as 25 Jets to increase the capabilities of its Air Force in strike missions against Iran.

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