The Ukrainian T-64BV Tank Successfully Destroys the Russian T-72B Tank in One-on-One Battle

The Ukrainian T-64BV Tank Successfully Destroys the Russian T-72B Tank in One-on-One Battle
The Ukrainian T-64BV Tank Successfully Destroys the Russian T-72B Tank in One-on-One Battle

International Military - A new video reportedly shows a Ukrainian tank blowing up a Russian tank in one shot as the two fight in one of the annexed areas. The video was posted on Twitter by Ukraine Weapons Tracker, a joint account run by Caliber Obscura and Armoby Bazaar.

The video shows a Ukrainian T-64BV tank from the 92nd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian T-72B series tank at Novoselivske, in Luhansk oblast. In the video, the two tanks face each other from a distance. The Ukrainian T-64BV tank blew up the opposing tank in one shot, caused a burst of fire, and fired again nearly 20 seconds later as quoted by Newsweek, Tuesday (13/12/2022).

Luhansk, along with Donetsk, comprises the greater Donbas region and shares a long eastern border with Russia. Luhansk and Donetsk are two of the four regions annexed by Russia in September. Newsweek cannot independently verify the location of the video and has reached out to the Ukrainian and Russian Defense Ministries for comment.

However, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense tweeted the same video, praising the 92nd Mechanized Brigade. In its daily updates on Russian weapons and personnel destroyed, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that some 94,760 Russian soldiers had died between 24 February and 12 December.

A total of 2,966 Russian tanks have been destroyed in the same timeframe, including 24 tanks destroyed on Sunday alone. According to Army Recognition, an outlet on military technology, the T-64BV tank is a modernized version of the original T-64B battle tank, but with an improved armor package. Production of the original tank began in 1985 and has since been used in Russia, Uzbekistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the T-72B tank is also a modified version of the tank that originally entered service with the Russian military in 1984. Army Recognition says the tank's turret has an armor package that reportedly provides a much higher level of protection than previous models, including glacis plates with 20 millimeters. applique protector.

A report Sunday from the city of Kadiivka in the Luhansk region stated that a hotel housing a Wagner mercenary group made up of Russian private military contractors (PMC) was attacked by Ukrainian troops.

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said that about half of the PMCs are thought to have died as a result of the attack. The fighting continued as the freezing temperatures near the Russian-Ukrainian border continued to drop. On Sunday, while acknowledging that the damp ground could make the ongoing conflict more challenging, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov promised that Ukrainian troops would continue to defend their territory.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in early December that he believed Russia was trying to "freeze" the conflict in order to regroup and launch a bigger offensive at a later date.

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