Specifications of YJ-21, Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile Purchased by Saudi Arabia from China

Specifications of YJ-21, Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile Purchased by Saudi Arabia from China
Specifications of YJ-21, Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile Purchased by Saudi Arabia from China

International Military - YJ-21 China bought by Saudi Arabia. This step is called because of the estrangement between Saudi Arabia and the United States and finally switched to Chinese technology. Saudi Arabia reportedly bought several weapons with a total value of USD 4 billion. It is known that the strained relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia began after the United States released a report on the death of a journalist named Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. In this case, America is considered to have dragged the name of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

Not only that, there was also another reason for their strained relationship, namely after the OPEC+ oil dispute which cut oil production by up to 2 million barrels per year. But the problem is not only with the United States, but also with Saudi Arabia. Yemen's war against the Houthis in 2015 led the United States to limit arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

One of the weapons purchased by Saudi Arabia is the YJ-21 or Eagle Strike 21. YJ-21 is often referred to as a hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missile. The missile is capable of engaging targets with a range of between 1,000-1,500 kilometers (621-932 miles), with the Silent Hunter anti-drone laser-based system.

The missile system of the YJ-21 is also reportedly capable of engaging ground targets and warships with its maneuverable hypersonic conventional warhead. The missile is said to be based on the ballistic missile named CM 401, but with more advanced features and capabilities.

At its first launch at the 73rd anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, on April 21, 2022, the YJ-21 was tested by firing a YJ-21 missile from the Chinese warship 055, the Chinese Navy's largest destroyer. Type 055 destroyers are known to have up to 112 vertical launch missile cells.

Many media outlets have assumed that the YJ-21 could pose a risk to US carriers. Previously, YJ-21 was also tested in August 2021. At that time, YJ-21 was able to circle the earth at low altitude. Not only that, this hypersonic missile made in China is capable of moving five times the speed of sound and maneuvering in the atmosphere.

The good relations developed by Russia and China are not just buying and selling weapons. They also help each other to develop their weapons strength. This activity cannot be separated from the monitoring of the United States.

Recently, the United States Intelligence Agency reported that China is helping Riyadh develop ballistic missiles. It is this greatness that makes this missile from China a threat to the United States and Russia.

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