Poland Will Soon Receive 250 Ambrams SEPV3 Tanks From US Army

Poland Will Soon Receive 250 Ambrams SEPV3 Tanks From US Army
Poland Will Soon Receive 250 Ambrams SEPV3 Tanks From US Army

- Poland will receive 250 M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks from the United States under a contract worth 1.15 billion US dollars. The contract was awarded by the US Army (US Army) to General Dynamics Land Systems (GKDS).

It was stated that the tank that the US would send to Poland was one of the most advanced variants, namely the M1A2 Abrams SEPV3 (System Enhancement Program Version 3), as reported by Breaking Defense. Poland's desire to acquire this tank was sparked a year ago and was only realized this time with the impetus of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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Assistant Secretary of the Army Doug Bush stated, the contract from the US Army for Poland is an example of ongoing cooperation between the US Army with industrial partners and also allied countries that are members of NATO. This contract can simultaneously increase the production of US military equipment. Deliveries of Abrams SEPV3 tanks to Poland will begin in January 2025.

The M1A2 Abrams SEPV3 tank features technological enhancements to tank communications, lethality, endurance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and survivability, including enhanced armor. The US Army had previously started the Abrams Tank Training Academy on August 10 in Poznan, Poland.

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Poland has obtained approval for the purchase of 250 M1A2 SEPV3 main battle tanks from the US Department of State. The US-made heavyweight tank will join an equal number of German-made Leopard 2 tanks in the Polish Army. The M1A2 SEPV3 is the newest variant of the Abrams tank as a result of combat experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

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