Defeat LAV 700 AG and NORINCO ST1-BR, Brazilian Army Chooses the Centauro II FSV From Italy

Defeat LAV 700 AG and NORINCO ST1-BR, Brazilian Army Chooses the Centauro II FSV From Italy
Brazilian Army Chooses the Centauro II FSV From Italy

Brasilia - The Brazilian Army has selected the Italian-made Centauro ll armored gun as its fire support vehicle (FSV), removing Canadian General Dynamics Land Systems LAV 700 AG and Chinese NORINCO ST1-BR. In the initial stage, the Brazilian Army will acquire 98 Centauro ll, and may increase to 221 units in the future, as announced by InfoDefensa (25/11).

The Centauro ll canon armored personnel carrier was developed by a CIO consortium formed by Iveco Defense Vehicle and Leonardo companies, which is a refinement of the Centauro gen-1. Compared to its opponents, the Centauro ll was developed specifically as an FSV, not using armored personnel carrier (APC) platforms such as the LAV 700 AG and ST1-BR.

The version that will enter service with the Brazilian Army is the same as the Italian Army version. Where this vehicle carries the Leonardo Hitfact MkII turret, which is armed with the main weapon in the form of a 120 mm/L45 cannon.

This weapon system provides firepower on par with modern main battle tanks (MBT) and is capable of firing the latest generation of 120 mm NATO ammunition including APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) and Multi-Purpose (MP) ammunition.

Equipped with a semi-automatic loading system with 12 rounds ready to fire. A further 19 rounds of ammunition are stored in the hull in a separate compartment from the crew equipped with a fire suppression system.

Secondary armament includes one coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun and a Hitrole L remote weapon station (RCWS) which can be armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

This armored gun is equipped with a digital fire control system, integrated communications for C2 combat, passive/active defense, and gets a modern and functional battlefield management system.

As well as providing fire support for friendly troops, Centauro ll can engage in direct combat against enemy tanks (MBT/MT/LT). The Centauro II had a crew of four including driver, commander, gunner and gun loader. V-shaped monocoque hull, can withstand mine explosions or IEDs (improvised explosives).

The driving force is the IVECO Vector 8V Euro III diesel engine with a power of 720 hp, which can run at a maximum road speed of 105 km/h with a maximum cruising range of up to 800 km.

One of the other advantages that Centauro ll has over its competitors is that it has 28.5 percent of the same components that it uses in the Brazilian Army's current Guarani 6×6 APC/IFV armored personnel carrier.

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