Russia Finally Finds Izdeliye Engine Suitable For PAK DA Stealth Bomber

Russia Finally Finds Izdeliye Engine Suitable For PAK DA Stealth Bomber
Russia Finally Finds Izdeliye Engine Suitable For PAK DA Stealth Bomber

Moscow - Russia has developed and produced several prototypes of the new Izdeliye RF engine to power the Tupolev PAK DA, a long-range stealth aerial bomber system. The developed engine has passed the test and will soon be installed on the PAK DA prototype.

Russian news agency TASS reports the Izdeliye engine will be produced by the Russian state-owned company UEC-Kuznetsov, which is part of Rostech. For this purpose, the company has built a special testing facility to test only this type of machine. The company's source said that early next year, Russia would be ready to start flight tests of the PAK DA with the new engine.

In recent years, Moscow has invested significant funds in the development of the 5th generation engine. The Tupolev PAK DA is expected to be powered by an engine with similar specifications.

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Quoted from Bulgarian Military, Tuesday (11/1/2022), various sources say that the Izdeliye engine consists of turbine blades resistant to high pressure, which is why Russia made it from single crystals. In this case, the blades will be cooled by a new cooling system that will guarantee performance even at gas temperatures up to 2000 degrees Kelvin. The designer of the new engine has made significant changes to the design of the engine fan blades.

Unlike before, it is now wide and hollow, made of titanium alloy. Most importantly, the combustion chamber is made of an intermetallic alloy to ensure low emissions. Various composite materials are used to absorb sound, and low-pressure turbines are made of hollow blades.

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The Tupolev PAK DA or PAK DA, codenamed Poslannik, is a next-generation stealth strategic bomber developed by Tupolev for the Long Range Aviation branch of the Russian Air Force. PAK DA stands for Prospective Aviation Complex for Long-Range Aviation. The Russian idea of ​​building the PAK DA bomber was to extend flight range and endurance, not speed.

Future bombers will be able to reduce radar detection. The Izdeliye engine allows PAK DA pilots to penetrate and reach high speed to approach enemy territory. The PAK DA bomber eventually replaced the older Tupolev Tu-95 Bear in Russian Air Force service.

Including other bombers made by the Tupolev Design Bureau of the RuAF, namely the Tu-160 Blackjack and Tu-22M. The PAK DA should be a complex system, according to the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Fully automated onboard computers and equipment. According to Vadim Kozulin, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, the onboard computer should be able to fly this unmanned bomber.

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Trends in the design of such bombers follow the same technological lines and goals. Especially in the three largest military powers in the world, namely the United States, Russia, and China. The US B-21 bomber also had a subsonic flying wing design, the same concept followed by the Chinese H-20 bomber.

The PAK-DA's flying wing design can stay in the air for 30 hours, fly at subsonic speeds, and has an engine with a thrust of about 23 tons. The Russian PAK-DA will have a longer range than the American B-2 Spirit, as Russia has fewer aerial refueling tankers.

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