India Launches New Artillery System Mounted Gun System (MGS) 155 mm 8X8

India Launches New Artillery System Mounted Gun System (MGS) 155 mm 8X8
India Launches New Artillery System Mounted Gun System (MGS) 155 mm 8X8

New Delhi - The Indian defense industry introduced the Mounted Gun System (MGS) which is armed with one cannon ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System) caliber 155 mm 52 mounted on the rear of the truck chassis.

The MGS is based on the HMV 15009 (High Mobility Vehicle) 8X8 military truck chassis developed and manufactured by Indian company Ashok Leyland. The MGS 8X8 system is designed to operate according to the Indian battlefield consisting of mountainous, upland and desert terrain.

The new artillery system was developed using cutting-edge technologies such as automatic weapon alignment and positioning systems, and fire control systems (FCS). This includes an ammunition handling system, onboard silent electric power system, electro-mechanical shovel-type shock absorber, stabilizer, and more.

The MGS is operated by a crew of seven and all firing operations can be carried out from within the crew cabin. The MGS cabin is equipped with an armor shell which provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell fragments. Has the ability to shoot-and-scoot which is an artillery tactic to shoot at targets and then immediately move away from the location of the shot to avoid counter-battery fire.

The MGS has a maximum firing range of 35 km using ERFB High Explosive Extended Range (BT) ammunition and 45 km with ERFB (BB) artillery shells. The weapon system has a trajectory of approximately 25° and an altitude from 0° to 72°. It has a rate of fire of 3 rounds in less than 30 seconds and can achieve a sustained rate of fire of 42 rounds in 60 minutes.

The MGS could be ready to fire its first round in less than 80 seconds and leave its firing position in less than 85 seconds. The truck can reach a maximum road speed of 80 km/h on level roads and 40 km/h in off-road conditions.

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