From Drones to Missiles, Here Are 3 Russian Weapons with Made-in-China Status

From Drones to Missiles, Here Are 3 Russian Weapons with Made-in-China Status
3 Russian Weapons with Made-in-China Status

International Military - Russia is known as a country that has amazing military power. Not only from competent soldiers, they also have a series of terrible advanced weaponry. Speaking of military arsenals, Russia also has a fairly close relationship with China.

Quoted from China Power, the two countries have deep military ties centered on arms sales and joint military exercises. In its history, Russia has helped China a lot in terms of military weapons.

Over time, this relationship continued and made Bamboo Curtain Country one of the countries that bought the most weapons from the Kremlin. However, apart from that, Russia is also known to have a number of weapons of Chinese design.

Here are a number of Russian weapons that are made in China.

1. Pterodactyl Drones

The Pterodactyl drone is a reconnaissance drone made in China which has been widely used in military operations in countries around the world, including one of which is Russia. Quoted from the Express UK page, the Russian military is known to have used this sophisticated surveillance drone for several years.

In use, this drone can fly tens of meters and follow the tanks that move underneath. One of the features available in this Pterodactyl is thermal night vision equipment and amazing radar capabilities. This Chinese drone was used by Russia during the conflict with Ukraine in 2016.

2. PL-10 AAM Missile

Next there is an air-to-air guided weapon called the PL-10 AAM. Quoted from Iiss, ​​this weapon is an improvement over the previous generation of short-range missiles operated by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

 Just like the medium-range PL-12 which is guided by active radar, the Chinese PL-10 AAM is also equipped with High-Agility Infrared and is said to be able to outperform the Russian-made R74/R-74M.

3. Spare Parts of the Military Fleet

Not only ready-made weapons, Russia is also known to buy spare parts for its fleet from China. Quoted from the Foxnews page, this emerged after the Kremlin troops were said to have lost a lot of military weapons in Ukraine.

In this regard, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that Russia relied on Chinese-made spare parts to repair damage to its military fleet. Not without reason, this is of course because not all countries are willing to sell spare parts for their military equipment to Russia. Some think that this was done as part of sanctions for his invasion of Ukraine

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