Claimed Superior In War, This is the Reason Ukraine Can Know the Position of Russian Troops!

Claimed Superior In War, This is the Reason Ukraine Can Know the Position of Russian Troops!
This is the Reason Ukraine Can Know the Position of Russian Troops

Kiev - A Ukrainian official revealed how they could find out the position of the Russian army on the front line, and it all happened aided by the weather factor. The spokesman for the Ukrainian armed forces, Serhiy Cherevaty said, it can know the position of the Russian soldiers on the front lines because they light bonfires to fight the cold weather.

Cherevaty revealed that poorly equipped Russian troops mobilized in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region had no choice but to light fires to warm themselves. By doing so, he said, the Russian army was exposing their positions to the Ukrainian armed forces.

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"The newly mobilized, who have not been taught how to properly camouflage themselves and not unmask their positions, and possessing poor ammunition they start fires, smoke in trenches unmask positions to the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces," Cherevaty said, quoted by Ukrainian media. League News.

Cherevaty also said that the Russian soldiers wore low-quality clothing and boots unsuitable for the colder weather. He said that the more mobilized people were deployed in Ukraine, the lower quality and older supplies of equipment were used. Cherevaty said Russian troops had slowed their offensive in the Donbas region amid deteriorating weather conditions.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense on October 31 claimed to have completed the partial mobilization of 300,000 people. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that some 80,000 mobilized citizens have been deployed in Ukraine so far, of which about 50,000 are taking part in the fighting.

Britain's Ministry of Defense said last week that the challenges posed as winter weather approached would hit "already low" Russian troop morale. “Winter will bring a change in conflict conditions for Russian and Ukrainian troops. Changes in daylight, temperature and weather will present unique challenges to fighting soldiers," the ministry said in an assessment of Russia's war against Ukraine.

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The intelligence update notes that any decisions made by the Russian General Staff will be partly informed by the start of winter. There will also be fewer attacks by the Ukrainians and Russians, and there will be more static defenses on the front lines as daylight will be reduced to less than nine hours a day, compared to 15 to 16 hours in the height of summer. And because the average high temperature will drop from 13 degrees Celsius from September to November, to zero degrees Celsius from December to February, troops will be more reluctant to fight, especially at night, while they lack clothing and accommodations. suffering from non-freezing cold injury.

Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov told Reuters on November 10 that Ukraine's winter conditions would have a major impact on the war. Ukraine has had great success on the battlefield in recent months, taking back control of the Kharkiv region and retaking the main city of Kherson in the south.

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