5 Interesting Facts About Russia's Latest Sukhoi Su-30 SM2 Fighter Jet

5 Interesting Facts About Russia's Latest Sukhoi Su-30 SM2 Fighter Jet
5 Interesting Facts About Russia's Latest Sukhoi Su-30 SM2 Fighter Jet

Moscow - Russia continues to update its defense equipment, especially in the midst of a war with Ukraine. One of the newest fighter jets is the Su-30 SM2. What are the interesting facts about the fighter jet? Here's the full explanation.

1. Supplier of Russian Troops

Russian troops received an injection of new enthusiasm through the presence of the Sukhoi Su-30 SM2 fighter jet. This fighter jet was delivered by the United Aircraft Corporation. The Russian government announced this on November 21, 2022. Apart from the Su-30 SM2, the company also sent Yal-130 combat trainer aircraft to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

2. Improved Projects

The Su-30 SM2 is an aircraft that has been refined from previous editions of the Sukhoi fighter jet. This fighter jet already has sophisticated radio-electronic equipment, a special order for the Russian Ministry of Defense. In this way, the range of detection and identification of air targets can be increased.

Not only in the air, the Su-SM2 is also capable of reaching targets on land and sea with weapons distances of up to hundreds of kilometers. The Key Aero page says that the refinement of the Su-30 SM2 is to match the highly sophisticated single-seat Su-35S Flanker. It is known, the Su-30 SM2 development project was initiated under the project named "Su adaptation". The aim is to increase the combat capability of the Su-30 SM jet and replace some of its components.

3. Advanced Combat Aircraft

With its various advantages, the Su-30 SM2 is Russia's leading fighter. One of the sophistications of this fighter jet is being able to communicate with the S-70 Okhtonik-B armed drone. In fact, until you can control it. With this expertise, the Su-30 SM2 is able to excel and detect enemy aircraft, even from thousands of kilometers away.

4. Components Made in England and France

The Su-30 SM2 is also set to become the new standard for Moscow fighter jets. Apart from being sophisticated, the components of this aircraft were also made by England and France, such as the CMFD-55/66 display screen (UK) and the ILS indicator (made in France). The engine life on this jet can reach 4 thousand hours with a longer flight range.

5. Used in the Navy and Air Force

The Su-30 SM2 is not only used by the Russian Air Force, but also the country's Navy. This jet is not only good at targeting targets in the air, but also at sea.

Overall, this advanced jet is quite large with a length of 21.94 meters, a height of 6.3 meters, and a wingspan of about 14.7 meters. The weight of the Su-30 SM2 reaches 34,500 kg when fully loaded. The various types of weapons that can be carried by this jet are a cannon with 150 rounds of bullets, 3 aviation bombs, S-8, S-13 and S-25 typeless guided rockets, as well as 2 air and surface guided missiles.

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