Ukraine More Confident in Facing Russian Attacks Because of This Advanced Missile Delivery!

Ukraine More Confident in Facing Russian Attacks Because of This Advanced Missile Delivery!
Ukraine to receive AMRAAM missiles from UK guided by US NASAMS

International Military - Although Russia continues to pound Ukraine, Zelensky's troops have managed to hold out so far. It is believed, thanks to the supply of weapons that Ukraine can face Russia. Therefore, the President of Ukraine continues to ask his Western brothers to continue sending weapons. Military assistance is still the key to Ukraine's victory so far.

The support of the US and other Western countries is very important for Ukraine. Help Zelensky's troops prevent Russian troops from seizing and taking control of the country.

At the very least, Ukraine has restrained Russian advances around Kyiv, Kharkiv, and several other cities. If arms supply is crucial for Ukraine, then what kind of system do they really need?

Since the last few days, Ukrainian cities have been bombarded with Russian cruise missiles and suicide drones. During the attack, it killed a dozen civilians and injured many more, 19fortyfive reported. For this reason, Ukraine feels that the air defense system is very important at this time. "Air defense is currently the number one priority in our defense cooperation," President Zelensky told President Biden.

They have begged their Western brethren to supply the system. And called on other countries to help Ukraine build an “air shield. When we receive more effective air defense systems, in sufficient numbers, Russian air strikes will stop," Zelensky added.

Previously, Ukraine had operated this system, and it was quite effective at repelling Russian missiles. There have been 84 Russian missile strikes on 10 Ukrainian cities. And 56 of them were shot down by the air defense system. Which means there are 28 missiles that managed to penetrate the system.

The drones used by Russia were also quite effective at destroying the Ukrainian artillery system. Namely the Shahed-136 drone he ordered from Iran. Quoted from 19fortyfive, currently Ukraine is very dependent on the S-300 defense system. Which has shot down dozens of Iranian drones.

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There are other systems that the West can offer to fulfill Ukraine's orders. Such as the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS). Reportedly 19fortyfive, the NASAMS system will arrive before the end of this year, possibly November. The NASAMS air defense system has an advanced radar called Ghost Eye MR.

Ghost Eye MR is called sophisticated because it is able to detect and track missiles and drones better. Until now there are 12 countries that use it, even NASAMS deployed around Washington DC. This system is said to have guarded the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Pentagon.

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It is claimed, NASAMS has 85 percent success to intercept enemy attacks. Germany also reportedly wants to supply Ukraine with air defense systems. Namely a system called IRIS-T they made themselves.

The IRIS-T system is said to have arrived in Ukraine. The system is used to destroy cruise and even ballistic missiles. The IRIS-T missile has a range of up to 25 miles, and a tracking range of 155 miles.

A NASAMS test firing of AIM-120 AMRAAMS
A NASAMS test firing of AIM-120 AMRAAMS

And finally, Britain will also supply more weapons to Ukraine. They will send a new military aid package, quoted from Defense View. It includes hundreds of medium-range AMRAAM surface-to-air missiles, drones and 18 L119 105mm artillery units.

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Previously, Britain had sent missiles and artillery of this type to Ukraine. This new military aid package was first announced by the British Secretary of Defense on 13 October 2022. And as President Zelensky requested, these AMRAAM missiles will protect Ukrainian cities from Russian airstrikes.

Interestingly, these AMRAAM missiles will be paired with NASAMS from the US. NASAMS itself is rumored to be sent to Ukraine soon. With this NASAMS, Ukraine can defend its military facilities.

Systems like NASAMS itself have an attack range of up to 40 kilometers. In addition to being effective in repelling Russian air attacks, there are various types of fighter jets and drones. NASAMS is also capable of destroying Russian missile attacks.

Because as already mentioned, currently Russia continues to attack Ukraine with missiles and Iranian suicide drones. It is believed that the combination of NASAMS with AMRAAM missiles will enhance Ukraine's air defenses.

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