Offered Free Gripen-E, Czech Republic Purchased 24 F-35 Lightning II, Here's Why!

Offered Free Gripen-E, Czech Republic Purchased 24 F-35 Lightning II, Here's Why!
Czech Republic Purchased 24 US F-35 Lightning II Fighter

International Military - The United States F-35 Lightning II fighter is increasingly selling, now it's the Czech Republic's turn to buy the Lockheed Martin Lightning II unit. Czech bought as many as 23 units and that means, he also rejected Sweden's SAAB Gripen. That means the Swedish SAAB Gripen lease, which the Czech Republic uses, is coming to an end. For that, Prague has no intention of accepting a new offer from Stockholm.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, in 2027, the Czech Republic's lease for 14 Swedish fighters ends. The Czech government, as Defense Minister Jana Chernohova, intends to acquire the F-35. This is done because it is a "fighter for the future".

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The JAS 39C Gripen is a 4++ fighter and will be obsolete in 2027. The minister called for no hesitation about the planned purchase of this fighter jet “because the delivery time is still many years away.”

Czech Republic Air Force JAS 39-Gripen Fighter
Czech Republic Air Force JAS 39-Gripen Fighter

The head of the Czech General Staff, Major General Karel Rehka, also welcomed the decision to purchase the fifth-generation American stealth fighter. He stated that the F-35 is not just a fighter, but an air capability that incorporates fighter aircraft, air defense elements, as well as a sophisticated command and control center.

Yana Chernohova stressed that only the F-35 can meet the requirements of the Czech government to ensure the security of her country at this time.

On the other hand, according to news media Seznam Zprávy (SZ), the Swedish ambassador to the Czech Republic, Fredrik Jörgensen, made an offer of almost zero fees.

During the interview, he said that the Czech Republic could keep the Gripens rented from Sweden for free. Swedes argue that continuing with the Gripen line implies a smooth transition to the E model.

Czech pilots knew the engines well, mechanics were familiar with them and the infrastructure was adapted to their use. Military analyst Dušan Rovensk also agrees that the transition to the new Gripen will be easier for the Czech Air Force: "If the Czech Republic decides to purchase the Gripen, training and logistical support will be simplified.

Pilots of the current Gripen C/D will surely convert to the Gripen E/F much more quickly than an entirely new type of aircraft. Likewise, there is no need to acquire new onshore support assets; which is now enough.

Both of these will certainly reduce the purchase price of the new Gripen,” Rovenský said. However, in the end the Czechs decided to buy the US F-35 instead of continuing to use the Gripen until 2027 later.

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