New Resolution, European Union Plans To Send 268 Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

New Resolution, European Union Plans To Send 268  Leopard Tanks to Ukraine
European Union Plans To Send 268  Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

International Military - European Union or EU, has passed a massive resolution. Namely to help Ukraine with more weapons while condemning Russia's actions. Among the resolutions, they called on European countries to start sending Leopard tanks there. This Leopard tank will be used by the Ukrainian Army.

Apart from sending tanks, the EU also mentioned that Ukrainian soldiers need to be given training. This idea was sparked by the European Parliament on October 5, 2022 yesterday, The Drive reports.

In his description, Europe intends to send more weapons to Ukraine. In particular to areas requested by the Government of Ukraine. Ukraine itself is struggling to get back the territory that has been captured. And sure enough, this European resolution says that Ukraine needs more modern tanks. Apart from tanks, they also need surface-to-air and surface-to-surface defense systems.

As is well known, the stock of Russian tanks does not seem to be running out. In contrast to Ukraine, its tank stockpile has reached a critical level. According to sources, Ukraine is currently relying on armored vehicles they seized from Russia. At least 440 tanks and 650 ranpurs were stolen during the war, The Drive reports.

Tank battles have erupted in the east and south, and Ukraine has been asking for its armor for months. But so far, Western countries have refused Ukraine's request. Even quoted from 19fiftyfive, President Joe Biden canceled the delivery of tanks there. This is because it is feared that it will escalate the conflict, and drag NATO into the war.

In addition, there is another reason why the West has not yet sent its tanks to Ukraine. Mentioned Military Watch Magazine, the first is a problem because of the tank itself. Tanks are one of the most frequently “captured” military assets in combat. And tanks are the common spoils of war.

If the West sends its tanks there, it's likely to be captured by Russia. Tanks like the Leopard are a mainstay for European countries. It would be very detrimental to them if their flagship tank was captured by Russia. Russia could have studied the technology inside the tank.

The second reason is a matter of time. The West is not enough just to send its tanks to Ukraine. They also need to provide training for the soldiers there. Because Ukraine itself is a part of the Soviet Union, their military assets come from there. It will be very difficult for Ukraine to get used to using Western systems, and battle tanks are no exception.

And in the end, time will be a new problem for them. Because as long as they practice, the war will continue, the losses will continue to grow.

These western tanks cannot be compatible with Ukrainian ammunition. So apart from tanks, the West also needs to send ammunition. Time, cost, and logistics will be considered again. And there is no guarantee these Western tanks will effectively deal with Russian arsenals.

However, as already stated, calls for sending tanks to Ukraine have been raised. One of them by the Chair of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola. “Ukraine needs weapons that can help them fight back for their territory, for example the Leopard 2 tank,” explains Metsola.

19fortyfive even mentions that the Leopard 2 is more advanced than the Russian T-72 tank. Some experts suggest that these 40 German tanks alone could give Ukraine a huge advantage. Especially since Russia is now deploying their old tank, the T-62.

A Council for European Foreign Relations Gustav Gressel said "At least 268 Leopard tanks could be delivered to Ukraine in the near future".

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