To Boost Domestic Industry And Western Sanctions, Aeroflot Aviation Company orders 323 Russian Aircraft

To Boost Domestic Industry And Western Sanctions, Aeroflot Aviation Company orders 323 Russian aircraft
Aeroflot Aviation Company orders 323 Units Russian Aircraft

International Military - One of the steps to escape the pressure of Western and international sanctions, Russia is making plans to grow its commercial aircraft industry independently. In this regard, Russia's largest airline, Aeroflot, will place an order for 323 domestically made commercial aircraft.

The entire aircraft consists of 73 Sukhoi Superjets, 210 MC-21s, and 40 Tu-214s. This was revealed in a scheduled meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Aeroflot CEO Sergei Aleksandrovsky.

A meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and Aeroflot chief Sergei Aleksandrovsky

"We plan to deploy a total of 323 domestic aircraft, including 73 Sukhoi Superjets, 210 MC-21s - this one has a new face with Russian engines, imported aircraft, plus 40 Tu-214 aircraft," Aleksandrovsky said.

It was explained that this was a very significant volume order that would require additional resources on the part of the company. What Alexandrovsky meant was the addition of about 3,500 pilots to the program.

The purchase will also require the procurement of eight full flight simulators to support the pilot training process. "This is a strong impetus for the company's long-term development," he said.

Meanwhile Putin has publicly expressed his view that this order has not happened for a long time. "There has been no such order for a long time, stating that the state needs to arrange maintenance, spare parts, so that all this is possible," he said.

Aeroflot is supported by the Russian government. The state-owned airline has received subsidies for passenger traffic of up to 50 billion rubles. In addition, the Kremlin also added a subsidy of 15 billion rubles for the return of passengers' tickets for flights that were canceled due to sanctions some time ago.

The Russian government has promised to increase the authorized capital for the Aeroflot Group so that the company can grow bigger, including to cover debts.

Aeroflot currently flies 111 destinations, which means 18 more destinations than in 2021. The increase in the frequency of Aeroflot flights has also increased significantly. Domestic flights, for example, the Moscow – St Petersburg route increased from 31 times a day to 45 times a day.


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