List of Iran's Advanced Drones Feared by Its Enemies - International Military

List of Iran's Advanced Drones Feared by Its Enemies - International Military
List of Iran's Advanced Drones Feared by Its Enemies

International Military - The Russian military has reportedly received Iranian-made drones for use in attacks on Ukraine. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov rejected the news. The same goes for Tehran, which has rejected claims for sending drones to Moscow.

As is well known, Iran is taking a leap in quality on their drones in recent years. In the midst of the international sanctions that hit, Iran was able to develop technology and produce various machines in the process of manufacturing drones.

Here is a row of advanced Iranian drones that are feared by its enemies.

1. Drone Shahed 129

The Shahed 129 is an unmanned aircraft manufactured by Shahed Aviation Industries. Shahed 129 is a combat drone that has the main weapon in the form of 4 Sadid 345 missiles weighing 400 kg.

This drone is capable of accurate targeting with a radius of 1,700 km. In addition, the Shahed 129 is capable of flying above 25,000 feet with a flight duration of 24 hours. The optical system on the drone has the ability to detect in all conditions, both day and night within a radius of 211 km with clear photos.

2. Drone Shahed 149 Gaza

The Shahed 149 Gaza drone, also known as the Gaza drone, is one of the Iranian-made combat drones launched on May 21, 2021. This drone has an operating range of up to 3,000 km.

This Gaza UAV was created in order to fulfill the mission of reconnaissance, surveillance, and combat with a flight duration of 35 hours. In addition, the Shahed 149 drone is capable of carrying 13 bombs above an altitude of 35,000 feet at a speed of 350 km per hour. The operational speed of this aircraft can reach 2,000 kilometers. Plus, this drone's ability to detect stealth aircraft up to a radius of 500 kilometers.

3. Drone Ababil 3

Ababil 3 is an Iranian-made UAV that is successful in various operational missions. Launching from Iran Press, the Ababil-3 drone was first officially launched in 2014. This aircraft is capable of flying with a duration of 8 hours over a range of 250 km.

Ababil 3 can fly up to 200 km per hour at an altitude of 16,000 feet. This drone is equipped with a camera on the front and a camera that can rotate 360 ​​degrees at the bottom of the fuselage. The camera on the drone is also equipped with thermal imaging and night imaging.

In addition to reconnaissance missions, the aircraft made by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation are also equipped with combat capabilities. Ababil 3 can be controlled automatically and semi-automatically. In semi-automatic control, users can view flight information on the station screen and perform controls according to the mission being carried out.

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