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3 Russian Fighter Jets Destroyed by Ukraine During the Invasion

International Military - A Ukrainian attack on a Russian airfield in Crimea on Tuesday (6/9/2022) saw the destruction of many planes. The attack inflicted the biggest one-day loss on Russian air power since Moscow expanded its war on Ukraine in late February.

The Ukrainian air force believes several Russian planes were destroyed on the ground in a dramatic explosion at the Saky air base in Crimea. According to Russia, one person was killed, 13 people were injured and 30 houses were damaged in the vicinity.

The attack during the day set off 10 or more explosions at the Saki air base, headquarters of the 43rd Independent Aviation Aviation Regiment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, burning down eight Su-27 fighters, four Su-30 fighter-bombers, five Su-24 bombers. , six Mi-8 helicopters and a unique il-20 telemetry aircraft.

The following are some of the Russian warplanes that were destroyed by the Ukrainian attack:

1. Sukhoi Su-30 SM

The Su-30 is definitely part of the Su-27 Flanker fighter family that has spawned countless variants over the years. The Su-30 SM "Flanker-H", however, is a variant that is an attempt by Sukhoi to combine each into one dominant model built for the Russian Air Force.

Despite the fact that the Su-30 SM did not perform as well as expected in Ukraine, the aircraft's range is now so large globally that it is likely to continue to be used by both Russia and its global partners.

2. Sukhoi Su-35 S

This Russian SU-35 fighter jet crashed and was destroyed by Ukraine and this shooting was carried out by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit. As a result of this shooting the SU-35 crashed in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

3. Sukhoi Su-34

Sokhoi Su-34 Destroyer

This Russian fighter plane also crashed which was successfully shot with a rifle by an old man named Fedorovysch from Ukraine. A short video showing Fedorovysch with a rifle over his shoulder, walking through buildings destroyed by the Russians, the video was released live by the Ukrainian government.

Fedorovysch is not the first Ukrainian to destroy Russian military equipment. Another old man named Valentin Didkovskiy destroyed a Russian gas tank with a grenade alone. Didkovskiy said on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, he was in Bucha in the Kiev region of Ukraine on February 27. He is also nicknamed "Grandpa of Fighters".

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