Iran Returns US Military Drone Seized in Red Sea - International Military

Iran Returns US Military Drone Seized in Red Sea - International Military
Iran Returns US Military Drone Seized in Red Sea

Taheran - The United States for the second time this week forced Iran to release a US military sail drone that Iran was trying to capture at sea. This was revealed by a number of US officials. The US military has not officially commented on the incident.

But a US defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, suggested that Iran had been trying to covertly seize the drones. As the Guardian reported, the official said, an Iranian Navy warship pulled two US sailing drones completely out of the water on Thursday (1/9/2022) and then covered them with a tarpaulin. Friday (3/9/2022) to the US warships gathered at the scene," a US official said.

Earlier on Friday, Iranian state television said Iran's Navy had released two US maritime drones in the Red Sea, but accused US unmanned vessels of endangering maritime safety, without providing evidence.

“The frigate Jamaran seized two ships on Thursday to prevent a possible accident after issuing a warning to the US fleet. After the international shipping lanes were secured, the two ships were released in a safe area," Iranian television reported.

Iranian television footage published on Friday appeared to show more than a dozen Iranian Navy personnel pushing two drones into the sea from the deck of their ship.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US Navy admitted to thwarting an attempt by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy forces to capture an unmanned surface vessel operated by the US 5th Fleet in the Gulf. Iran says the drone is a danger to maritime traffic.

Iran has repeatedly warned the US about its military activities in the Gulf, saying its forces have stepped up patrols to secure the passage of Iranian ships and combat fuel smuggling.

Meanwhile, the US military has expanded the use of sea-based drones in the region. It is unclear whether Iran might seize the US drone in an attempt to copy it. Some of the Iranian drones are based on drones from other countries, and try to mimic the US RQ-170 Sentinel reconnaissance drone captured in 2011.

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