Could Be A US Nightmare, China Claims to Have Anti-Stealth Radar Capable of Detecting F-22 to F-35

Could Be A US Nightmare, China Claims to Have Anti-Stealth Radar Capable of Detecting F-22 to F-35
China Claims to Have Anti-Stealth Radar Capable of Detecting F-22 to F-35

International Military - So a nightmare for the United States, China claims to have an anti-stealth radar known as the YLC-8E. China's anti-stealth radar is claimed to be able to detect stealth fighters such as the United States' F-35 to F-22. China is developing the YLC-8E anti-stealth radar to increase security as the United States and its allies approach its border areas.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the YLC-8E is described as a super radar and a significant addition to the People's Liberation Army's anti-stealth capabilities. China's anti-stealth radar is a development seen as a major challenge to the US' highly advanced F-35 and F-22 fighters.

The report said the product came from China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), which is seen as generating electromagnetic storms (EMW) that will serve to acquire the location of incoming stealth aircraft.

According to the Eurasia Times, China has hinted that "high-energy quantum particles will be able to acquire targets not normally visible to radar," an MIT expert quoted by the publication cast doubt on that.

“The YLC-8E is the brainchild of China's state-owned CETC and has been touted as China's 'stealth radar flagship. This device has been described as the world's first UFH band anti-stealth radar system and is also a pioneer in special high-frequency radar technology and active phase-controlled array radar combined with new anti-stealth sharp devices," he added.

China's anti-stealth radar efforts began in early 2020. The government-backed Global Times touted such technological developments in China at the time.

China's YLC-8E anti-stealth radar

Malaysian media Defense Security Asia said China was concerned about the increase in provocative flights from US and allied warplanes in areas near its borders. Because of this, China has reportedly developed a long-range radar system that is said to have the capability to detect the presence of stealth fighters and drones.

Pilots of fighter aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter of the United States Air Force and its allies need to be more careful after this. This follows claims by Beijing that it has developed a special radar system that is highly accurate at detecting aircraft and unseen drones.

The YLC-8E anti-stealth radar was developed by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC). This radar uses electro-magnetic technology to detect the position of the aircraft or drone even if the owner himself feels that it is operating in invisible mode.

CETC calls the YLC-8E a 4th generation intelligence radar and claims that the detection rate of the invisible aircraft by radar is up to 95%. It is said that the invisibility radar developed by the Chinese state-owned high-tech company has the capability to detect combat aircraft or drones, stealth or not, at a distance of 500 km while missiles are at a distance of 700 km.

A few months ago, a senior United States Air Force official acknowledged that the F-35 had collided at least once with China's fifth-generation fighter, the J-20 Mighty Dragon in the East China Sea. It marked the first clash between two fifth-generation warplanes from rival nations.

It also shows the United States and its allies deploying stealth aircraft into waters near China's maritime border. The acknowledgment of the collision between the two modern and unseen aircraft from the two countries was delivered by the Commander of US Pacific Forces, US Air Force General Kenneth Wilcbach during a discussion at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies.

Chinese military analysts say the YLC-8E radar developed by CETC is the world's first anti-see-through radar that uses the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) system and is being promoted as one of the best radars capable of detecting stealth aircraft such as the F-22 and F-35. .

The Chinese media Global Times claims that the YLC-8E anti-stealth radar involved can detect stealth fighters such as the F-22 and F-35 as well as other aircraft from long distances with high accuracy.

Apart from detecting unseen aircraft, the YLC-8E radar can also act as an early warning radar as well as an artillery fire detection radar. This makes this Chinese-made anti-invisibility radar a versatile radar capable of detecting a variety of targets. With just one radar, it can perform multiple functions, as the Chinese military claims.

China's announcement that it has successfully developed an anti-stealth radar" comes as countries around the world are racing to acquire stealth aircraft and drones in their respective efforts to increase their military capabilities. Beijing began developing anti-invisibility radars in early 2020.

However, for international defense observers, the real test of whether China's anti-stealth radar really works in detecting stealth aircraft or drones is to deploy and use them in conflicts where stealth aircraft are involved. At this point there has been no conflict involving a clash between stealth radar and stealth aircraft.

US and Israeli F-35 fighter jets involved in combat missions in Syria have only been tested with conventional Russian-made radars. So far, what Chinese companies say about the anti-invisibility capabilities of the radar systems they are developing are just unproven claims. That is as long as the anti-stealth radar is not deployed on the battlefield and is dealing with real stealth aircraft.

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