Wary of Ballistic and Hypersonic Missile Attacks, Raytheon Company Wants to Build Electromagnetic Weapons

Wary of Ballistic and Hypersonic Missile Attacks, Raytheon Company Wants to Build Electromagnetic Weapons
Overview of Electromagnetic Weapons that Raytheon Technology company wants to develop

ALBUQUERQUE - Missile defense experts at Raytheon Technologies Corp are developing high-power microwave technology. This technology is to help defend the United States and its allies from ballistic and hypersonic missile attacks.

Quoted from militaryaerospace, Monday (1/8/2022), electromagnetic weapons use high-power microwaves to damage or destroy electronic guidance and control subsystems in enemy weapons systems such as nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles and conventional hypersonic weapons.

US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) officials in Albuquerque, announced a $13 million order for Raytheon's Missile & Defense segment in Tucson, Arizona, on Friday July 29, 2022. MDA wants Raytheon to complete a technology critical design review of the Microwave Technology Testbed system.

Electromagnetic weapons to prevent ballistic and hypersonic missile attacks

The Microwave Technology Testbed strives to develop and mature electromagnetic weapons technology with extremely long range and extreme power levels. A critical design review (CDR) ensures that the system can proceed to fabrication, demonstration, and testing, and can meet performance requirements in terms of cost, schedule, and risk.

The Microwave Technology Testbed will help test the lethality of various electromagnetic weapons technologies for ballistic and hypersonic missile defense.

This development is time consuming so it is funded early in the design process to keep overall production on schedule. Raytheon is moving on to basic design, advanced technology insertion evaluation, and test planning, and is preparing to support future phases of Microwave Technology Testbed integration. Raytheon won a $9.8 million contract from MDA in September 2020 to start work on the Microwave Technology Testbed. Raytheon will perform the work in Tucson, Arizona, and should be completed by February 2024.

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