US Ready to buy for Ukraine, NASAMS Missiles will go head-to-head with Russian Fighter Jets

US Ready to buy for Ukraine, NASAMS Missiles will go head-to-head with Russian Fighter Jets
The US Ready to buy NASAMS Missiles for Ukraine

Kiev - The United States intends to buy the Norwegian NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system. Thus, NASAMS will later be given to Ukraine to confront Russia. And if this happens, Ukraine will be the first country in the world to use NASAMS against Russian warplanes.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, the news emerged during a briefing at the US Department of Defense on July 29. Meanwhile, it is also known that procurement procedures have begun, the US Department of Defense announced. Ukraine claims the US will provide two NASAMS batteries. That means 12 mobile rocket launchers [each battery has six rocket launchers].

Currently, there is no official information on when the NASAMS purchase procedure is expected to be completed and when Ukraine will receive it. However, it is not yet clear which version will be delivered to Kyiv, as NASAMS has developed three versions. Military experts suggested that Ukraine could receive NASAMS II (second version).

This is because it has 16 military tactical data link network links used by NATO. While Kyiv would likely jeopardize the safety of its own air squadron in this way, NASAMS II would allow it to quickly and accurately intercept weapons systems, aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and drones of Soviet or Russian design.

Although NASAMS is an excellent anti-aircraft system, there is a chance that the Russian armed forces will attack and destroy it. So if this happened with version 2, Moscow would have access to sensitive Western technology.

Another problem is the missiles used. Unlike the weapons systems delivered to Ukraine, so far NASAMS is working with relatively new missiles.

These include the AIM-120 AMRAAM [Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile], the AIM-9 Sidewinder, the short-range IRIS-T SLS, and the long-range AMRAAM-ER missile.

Quoted from Kongsberg, NASAMS features a clean centric architecture. This includes multiple simultaneous engagements, Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capabilities that are tightly integrated and adapted to a country's Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD).

The NASAMS network can also expand the defended area and increase the total combat capability of the armed forces.

NASAMS since its introduction in Norway is on a continuous evolution path. NASAMS' customer base currently consists of twelve countries, Air Force and Army customers combined.

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