Ukraine Shares Video of MiG-29 Firing US-Sent AGM-88 HARM Anti-Radiation Missile

Ukraine Shares Video of MiG-29 Firing US-Sent AGM-88 HARM Anti-Radiation Missile
Video of MiG-29 Firing US-Sent AGM-88 HARM Anti-Radiation Missile

International Military - In early August, the first photos of what appeared to be the wreckage of the AGM-88 HARM ARM (Anti-Radiation Missiles) used against Russian radar in Ukraine began appearing online. A few weeks later, US officials confirmed that the US delivered the AGM-88 High Speed ​​Anti-Radiation missile to Ukraine and this was used by the MiG-29 Fulcrum.

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Finally, on August 30, 2022, the Ukrainian Air Force shared an interesting video on social media channels, filmed with an action/GoPro camera mounted on the pilot's helmet, showing multiple HARM missiles being fired (in some cases, also double-firing).

HARM also seems to be carried to the underside of the inner wing. Along with the AGM-88 carried and shot by the MiG-29, what is remarkable in the footage is the installation of a commercial GPS and tablet in the cockpit.

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The way the AGM-88 is integrated on the MiG-29 is still unclear, especially when we consider that another asset that uses the HARM missile in the SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) mission, uses the missile as part of a system that also includes other sensors that can locate radar. adversary: ​​for example, Tornado ECR uses ELS (Emitter Location System) to geo-locate and identify enemy antennas that are then targeted by HARM missiles. However, until a few more details emerge, we can't help but notice that, one way or another, some engineers managed to make the Western Anti-Radiation Missile available for the MiG platform.

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