AGM-88 HARM Missile Received by Ukraine Claims Capable of Overthrowing Russia's S-400

AGM 88 HARM Missile Received by Ukraine Claims Capable of Overthrowing Russia's S-400
AGM 88 HARM Missile Received by Ukraine Claims Capable of Overthrowing Russia's S-400

International Military - AGM-88 HARM (High speed Anti Radiation Missile) is one of the most advanced missiles in the world. The sophistication of this missile from its special ability is very slick in its class. Quoted from, the AGM-88 HARM or high-speed anti-radiation missile is an air-to-surface tactical missile.

For this reason, the AGM-88 HARM is designed to locate and destroy enemy air defense systems equipped with radar. With its capabilities, this makes this weapon system very high quality in the quality of destroying vital objects such as radar.

Quoted from, the AGM 88-HARM has very ideal dimensions. it has dimensions of 4.17 meters long and 25.4 cm in diameter. It weighs about 360 kg and makes it light enough for a missile.

It is known that the AGM-88 HARM has a speed of Mach 2 and a very long cruising range that can reach a distance of 150 km. With this cruising range, the AGM 88 HARM is one of the most advanced missiles.

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Please note that the AGM-88 HARM has an amazing warhead that carries a blast fragmentation warhead. From the blast warhead, this missile has a high destructive power. In addition, this missile itself has several versions that are very sophisticated. Such as versions A, B, C, D and E which are known to be actively used today. The versions that are widely used today are versions D and E of the AGM 88 HARM.

It is also reported that the Block 50 version of the F-16 class fighter jet is capable of carrying 2 pieces. And a fighter jet class F-18 Super Hornet capable of carrying it in the amount of 4 pieces in one flight. This advantage makes the prestige of the AGM-88 HARM even more extraordinary in its class.

In addition, this missile has extraordinary capabilities in flying mode to target targets. It is suspected that the AGM-88 HARM's flying style is capable of sea skimming mode. With sea skimming mode or low flying, it is able to avoid enemy radar detection systems. And this style makes it difficult to shoot down the AGM-88 HARM by the opposing air defense system. It is from this ability that makes it widely produced to date.

It was also explained that the developer of AGM-88 HARM is Raytheon and has been used by 16 countries in the world such as Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE and the US using AGM 88 HARM. And the latest from the users of this missile is Ukraine which is installed on the MiG-29.

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Quoted from on August 21, 2022, it was confirmed by US officials that the AGM-88 HARM was installed in its Fulcrum fleet to make air-to-surface attacks more lethal. Especially the attack power of the Russian radar that will be targeted by Ukraine's current AGM 88 HARM.

In addition, the AGM-88 HARM itself is claimed to be capable of inflicting heavy losses on air defense systems. Especially in the battery group of air defense systems that are attacked by these missiles. Therefore, if this sophisticated missile becomes a defense equipment that has high destructive power against important military installations.

Therefore, if the AGM 88 HARM is claimed to be able to overthrow the S-400 air defense system, especially its advanced radar. And now the AGM 88 HARM has been widely used by several countries in the world.

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