Again, The US Will Send More Arms Aid to Ukraine, What's in it?

Again, the US Will Send More Arms Aid to Ukraine, What's in it?
The US Will Send again More Arms Aid to Ukraine

Washington - The battle between Russia and Ukraine has entered its sixth month. The war, which broke out in February, started when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a large-scale military aggression.

Initially, observers assumed the war between Russia and Ukraine would not last long. Considering what Russia was attacking was Ukraine, a part of him when the Soviet Union was still standing. Russia itself is a superpower with a large military power. Their fighter jets, tanks and missiles are known to be very lethal.

While Ukraine itself is not an aggressor state. Not a country known for producing strong military assets. Their own combat fleet is a Soviet relic. So, it is very logical for observers to think that Russia's victory will be easy to achieve.

But on the contrary, the battle has been running for six months, very protracted. And not without reason, Ukraine is directly assisted by the number one superpower in the world, namely the United States. Even Washington has sent a lot of weapons since the war began.

Indeed, not all "assistance" works optimally. But there are some that even make Russia shake its head. Call it a portable weapon called the Javelin.

Javelin is a versatile weapon whose name was known throughout the war. Called versatile because he is a portable weapon that can be carried with bare hands. This portable weapon has been in development since 1989. Made to fight tanks with the concept of fire and forget.

Quoted from Defense View, more than 1,800 Russian tanks were destroyed during the war in Ukraine. And mostly because of this Javelin attack.

Then there is also a weapon system called HIMARS. HIMARS is a dual launch rocket system that America sent recently. This weapon is the most modern multiple launch rocket artillery system in use today in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. America sent the HIMARS system because it saw the war had entered a new chapter.

In June, the location of the war moved to a densely populated area. that's why America sent the appropriate weapons, namely to launch long-range attacks.

Quoted from Defense News, America has sent a total of a dozen of these rocket launcher systems to Ukraine. Reportedly, HIMARS has destroyed 100 Russian "high value" targets. The rocket strike effectively destroyed ammunition depots, long-range artillery positions, command posts, air defense sites, and radar and communications nodes, News Week reported.

Even the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis commented on the delivery of HIMARS. He said this weapon system succeeded in suppressing the Russian troops, he pointed to the attack in Odessa.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Ukraine's use of HIMARS was "degrading" Russia's capabilities. HIMARS Ukraine is also reported to have destroyed Russian ammunition depots in Chornobaivka and Bilohirka in the Kherson region.

Friday 29 July, HIMARS rockets delivered a direct hit on an ammunition depot near the village of Brylivka. And now, America is rumored to be sending more weapons to Ukraine.

According to an official there, the United States will send $3 billion in new security assistance. They believe that this aid package will overwhelm Russia. America has studied Russia's military characteristics thoroughly, in order to be able to send suitable weapons to Ukraine.

Quoted from Defense View, there are four types of weaponry that will be sent. First there is the M-31 ammunition which will later be used by the HIMARS system. Then 15 Boeing ScanEagle surveillance drones belonging to the US Marine Corps. 40 mine-resistant armored vehicles, and lastly 16 105mm artillery systems along with several other shells. To date, the United States has provided $10.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since last February.

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