The Tupolev PAK-DA, Russia's Mysterious Stealth Bomber Allegedly Begins to be Developed

The Tupolev PAK-DA, Russia's Mysterious Stealth Bomber Allegedly Begins to be Developed
The Russia's Mysterious Tupolev PAK-DA Stealth Bomber

Moscow - Russia is thought to have started building its stealth bomber. This is based on a patent drawing for a machine pick-up line that recently appeared. It is believed to be an early design for Russia's first stealth bomber, the Tupolev PAK-DA.

The images are from a patent that Tupolev granted earlier this year. Where the picture also includes the specifications of the aircraft engine inlet.

The Tupolev PAK-DA Design

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the front, top, and side views of the intake are clearly visible in the design drawings. Although the jet described is not described as a PAK-DA bomber, it is almost consistent with the semi-official and unofficial claims of the general design of the bomber.

The Tupolev PAK-DA Pack

Since 2007, Russia began developing long-range subsonic bombers intended to replace the Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear H and Tu-160 BLACKJACK. However, despite reports of the flying wing design, no model or artwork has been officially confirmed yet.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Alexey Krivoruchko stated in an interview in December 2019 that the PAK-DA design project had been approved. He also said that the Tupolev design bureau had already started to produce functional design documentation. However, none of them have been released to the public yet.

Despite all that, the PAK-DA is not expected to have supersonic capabilities. However, this Russian bomber will be able to fly at subsonic speeds. The estimated range is 15,000 kilometers with a capability in the air for 30 hours. The PAK-DA will likely be able to carry a large payload of conventional or nuclear munitions with a crew of 4 members.

According to some reports, the PAK-DA will be capable of carrying a payload of more than 30 tonnes in total. The PAK-DA engine is also thought to be derived from the NK-32-02 used on the Tu-160M.

Despite the connection between the patent aircraft design and the finalized PAK DA configuration, this appears to be the latest development in the mystery aircraft narrative. Where it is intended to replace Russia's current fleet of manned bombers. Unfortunately, until now the program is still postponed due to limited funds.

On the other hand, the US also has almost the same program. The US program, namely B-21, whose flights have been delayed twice.

Quoted from Air Force Magazine, in early 2021, Rapid Capabilities Office Director Randall Walden expects the B-21 to fly by mid-2022. An Air Force and Industry spokesman said the service is likely to launch the B-21 for the first time in the 2022 calendar.

This was because the aircraft had to venture outside the Northrop Grumman Palmdale, California, plant for engine and other testing. "The B-21 program continues to ensure the first test flight aircraft is of high quality build and production representatives to drive an efficient flight test campaign and rapidly deploy this critical combat capability," the spokesman said.

This means the aircraft will fly only when the Air Force believes it is ready to do so. B-21 Raider is claimed to be a 'game changer' for the US Air Force. Where later he can compete with bombers of other superpowers, such as Russia and China.

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