3 Taiwanese Fighter Jets which Ready to Attack China If There is a War

3 Taiwanese Fighter Jets which Ready to Attack China If There is a War
Taiwanese Fighter Jets which Ready to Attack China

Taipei - Tensions between China and Taiwan have been going on for a long time. China considers Taiwan still part of its sovereignty, while Taiwan itself wants to maintain the status quo.

Last year, tensions rose between China and Taiwan, involving the United States as one of Taipei's arms suppliers. The United States continues to supply Taiwan with weapons and Washington has warned that if China attacks Taiwan, the United States will be willing to defend Taiwan.

This is what some people suspect will be a war that is more terrible between China and Taiwan than the war between Russia and Ukraine. So what is the power comparison between the two countries? China's military power is clearly far above Taiwan.

Quoted from firstpost.com, China's budget for national defense alone reaches USD230 billion. With such a large budget, it is not surprising that China has 1,200 fighter jets. This number is certainly not comparable to the number of fighter jets owned by Taiwan, which are only 288 units. Here are some fighter jets that are ready to be used by Taiwan to attack China.

1. F-16V Fighter Jet

On November 18, 2021, Taiwan has deployed 64 F-16V fighter jets to improve the country's defense against Chinese threats. This type of jet is a modernization of the F-16 A/B jets that Taiwan has used since the 1990s. This jet is the most advanced version of Taiwan's fighter jets.

Equipped with a highly capable radar, the jet is capable of tracking more than 20 targets at once. In addition, the jet is also equipped with state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems, advanced weapons, precision GPS navigation and an automatic ground collision avoidance system.

2. Mirage 2000 Fighter Jet

This type of fighter jet was purchased from France. The Mirage 2000 Jet is specially designed to be able to withstand all weather. In addition, this fighter aircraft is also equipped with the ability to carry nuclear weapons.

3. Ching-kuo Fighter Jet

The Ching-kuo jet is a fighter jet made in Taiwan. The manufacture of this jet was carried out in the Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) project with US assistance.

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