The Greatness of the Ukrainian Javelin Which Succeed to Destroy Thousands of Russian Tanks

The Greatness of the Ukrainian Javelin Which Succeed to Destroy Thousands of Russian Tanks
Javelin usually hits its target from the top, where the armour is weak

International Military - The Javelin is a versatile portable weapon used by the Ukrainian army during the war. Javelin is one of the military aid packages from the United States. Until now, many militaries around the world have used Javelin, including Ukraine. The Javelin bazooka has been reported to have succeeded in crippling Russian battle tanks several times.

Quoted from Defense View, more than 1,800 Russian tanks were destroyed during the war in Ukraine. Some sources say, this is largely due to Javelin. In addition, the West has already supplied Ukraine with 2,000 Javelin munitions and another 2,000 are still on the way.

The reason why the anti-tank gun was so effective against Russian tanks was because of its character. The Javelin uses a long-wave infrared seeker to guide the missile to destroy its target.

Quoted from Defense View, this bazooka can destroy tanks, bunkers, planes, helicopters, and even a building. Apart from being portable by personnel, it can also be mounted on light armored vehicles, trucks and remotely controlled vehicles.

Remarkably, this Javelin attack can reach targets up to a maximum of 2,500 meters. This advanced weapon uses a fully automatic guidance system. The reason is, this anti-tank Javelin carries the concept of fire and forget, quoted from Army Technology. With it, the operator does not have to wait for the missile to reach the target.

The computer and missile will automatically fly to the target. This means that the operator does not need to actually aim the weapon at the target. And because it uses the concept of fire and forget, the operator can see the coordinates, distance, and speed in this weapon.

The infrared seeker itself is used as an "assistance" to aim. Regarding aiming, this portable weapon is very sophisticated. The reason, he is equipped with GPS, gyroscope, and infrared optics. All that helps the operator to be able to attack the target with very precise results.

Therefore, operators can use the Javelin bazooka during the day or night. Because basically, this weapon is almost completely automatic. Russia, namely because this anti-tank weapon is unlike any other system. Javelin did not glide directly towards the target. He will slide vertically.

The Javelin will slide towards the top of the target at an altitude of 100 to 200 meters, then only slide down to attack the tank directly from above.

Please note that Russian tanks or tanks in general have solid armor on the front, back and sides. However, the top of the tank was thinly armored. This weakness is the target of Javelin.

Coupled with the concept of fire and forget which makes it easier for operators to immediately take cover as soon as the missile is released. In addition, this makes it easier for the operator to immediately carry out another attack or load a new missile.

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