Side with Russia, is it true that North Korea will Send 100,000 'Volunteer Soldiers' to Face Ukraine?

Side with Russia, is it true that North Korea will Send 100,000 'Volunteer Soldiers' to Face Ukraine?
North Korea Reportedly Will Send 100,000 'Volunteer Soldiers' to Face Ukraine

International Military - North Korea is known to be ready to send 100,000 volunteer troops to Russia. This is intended as military assistance to Russia to increase its invasion of Ukraine. This was confirmed directly by the Russian military expert, Igor Korotchenko via state TV.

Quoted from, Russian defense expert Korotchenko in a live panel discussion on Russian Channel said “There are reports that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are ready to come and take part in the conflict and North Korean builders are ready to work with us. If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, a wealth of experience with counterbattery warfare, and large-caliber multi-launch rocket systems built in North Korea want to participate in the conflict, let's give the green light for their volunteering," said Korotchenko.

He also said, "If North Korea expresses a desire to fulfill its international duty to fight Ukrainian fascism, we must let them. And both countries hold sovereign rights to sign relevant treaties.

Quoted from Defense Security Asia, North Korean Ambassador Sin Hong Chol later confirmed his country's intention to send volunteers to Russia during his meeting with the Ambassador of the Donetsk People's Republic, Okga Makeeva in Moscow recently.

Please note, DPR is the Donetsk region which was part of Ukraine before it was occupied by the Russian army. Russia's ambassador to North Korea, Alexandre Matsegora described the North Korean workers as "highly skilled and motivated".

"North Korean workers are highly qualified, hardworking, and willing to work in challenging areas. And are an important workforce in the effort to rebuild the devastated areas of the Donbas (Russian-occupied Ukraine)," he said.

He said that North Korea is one of the few countries capable of acting alone in foreign relations matters. This means that he does not have to follow in the footsteps of any country, be it Russia, the United States, or China. No country can force North Korea to do something against their will.

Moscow and Pyongyang do have close diplomatic ties. In which North Korea became one of the earliest countries to recognize the DPR and the newly formed Luhansk People's Republic a few weeks ago from the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops.

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