Russian T-90M Tank Uses Weird-Looking Ad Hoc Armor, Allegedly Against Javelin and Bayraktar-TB2

Russian T-90M Tank Uses Weird-Looking Ad Hoc Armor, Allegedly Against Javelin and Bayraktar-TB2
Latest Russian T-90M tanks with bizarre-looking ad hoc armor fit

Moscow - Russia's newly deployed T-90M tank has odd-looking ad hoc armor. This tank is one of the newest versions of the T-90 family already seen in Ukraine. The tank appears to have received a "field modernization".

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, some believe that ad hoc armor should absorb the energy of roaming ammunition, including drones. Some also think that his armor is designed to reduce damage from an FGM-148 Javelin missile attack.

This missile strikes from above and its warhead has a sequential detonation. It looks like a shield or cage armor that should affect the explosion sequence. The cage also most likely won't stop the Javelin missiles. However, it is possible to reduce its high penetration efficiency, thereby saving the lives of the soldiers in the tank.

Apart from the Javelin, one of the other threats is the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone owned by Ukraine. The drone is armed with MAM-L precision ammunition which is also dropped from above. To that end, the T 90M's handmade armor can "absorb energy" and take impact ammunition that would destroy the armor, but it's still unclear what the consequences will be for the tank turret.

As is known, Russia has just received its T 90M tank order. In this case, the design of the T-90M Proryv is indeed similar to the previous version of the T-90. Where there is a driver at the front, a turret in the middle, and a power pack at the back.

Quoted from Army Recognition, this tank has a new Relikt ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) armor mounted on the front and on each side of the turret. It also has higher protection performance and serviceability compared to the Kontakt-5 ERA suite which is a second generation explosive reactive armor (ERA) developed and designed by the Russian defense industry.

The 2017 model T-90M Proryv-3 is powered by a V-92S2 engine that produces 1,000 hp. Where this is combined with a manual transmission with seven forward and one reverse gear. It can also run at a maximum road speed of 60 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 550 km.

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