Profile of ASSC , Taiwan's Elite Special Forces Ready for War Against China

Profile of ASSC , Taiwan's Elite Special Forces Ready for War Against China
Taiwan Airborne Special Service Company (ASSC) Elite Special Forces

International Military - Not only is the war between Russia and Ukraine raging, tensions between China and Taiwan are also heating up. The conflict between China and Taiwan has become an increasingly burning problem for both parties at this time, especially after the visit of the Chair of the United States (US) House of Representatives (DPR) Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan on Tuesday (2/8/2022).

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In response, China held large military exercises at several points around Taiwan. Taiwan also does not want to lose where the Taiwanese side continues to monitor China's movements closely. To protect itself from the Chinese invasion, Taiwan has also prepared special military operations that are ready to fight China.

Airborne Special Service Company (ASSC) or also known as Liang Shan Special Operations Company is a special and most secret military unit in Taiwan based in Pingtung, Taiwan.

This military unit belongs to the Republic of China (ROC) Armed Forces which is responsible for terrorism and special military missions. ASSC was founded in 1980 and has a mission comparable to that of the Delta Force. These elite troops are known for their defensive attacks against enemy leaders during war.

Not much is known about these special forces, but it is known that the ASSC had around 150 personnel in 2010.

Quoted from SOFREP, in 2017, ASSC was known to have been involved in defense training operations with other special forces units. At that time, they were members of the Joint Airborne Task Force tasked with national defense and air infiltration. In the same year, these troops were assigned to the ROC Army Special Forces Aviation and Forces Command (ASFC).

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