Profile of Falcon Commando Unit, China's Elite Special Forces Ready for War Against Taiwan

Profile of Falcon Commando Unit, China's Elite Special Forces Ready for War Against Taiwan
China Falcon Commando Unit is doing some daily exercises

Beijing - Falcon Commando Unit is an elite Chinese Special Forces ready to fight against Taiwan. This elite force is under the auspices of the Chinese Police. Tasked with eliminating terrorism, the force received its official name as the Falcon Commando Unit in February 2014 from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China's People's Armed Police (PAP) has two Special Operations Forces (SOF) units, both based in Beijing and are anti-terrorist units.

The two units are the Snow Leopard Commando and the Falcon Commando Unit. If the Snow Leopard Commando has the task of fighting terrorism, controlling riots, and disposing of bombs, then the Falco Commando Unit is a brigade-class force that undergoes intensive training and is willing to carry out a mission.

President Xi Jinping said the Falcon was a superior anti-terror force. He asked Falcon to intensify training, to remain vigilant at all times, to form a world-class anti-terror force to always remain loyal to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people.

In addition, Xi Jinping asked the armed police forces to act decisively against terrorism, to maintain national security and social stability.

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) made the remarks during an inspection of the Special Police Academy of the People's Armed Police Force of China in 2014, where he observed the training of armed police officers, including simulations of anti-piracy missions.

In this activity, he also handed over a new flag to the Falcon Commando Unit. These troops are considered to have made an extraordinary contribution to social stability. To hone skills, the Falcon Commando Unit often conducts seasonal training. The Chinese People's Armed Police Force Special Police Academy was founded in 1982 as a special anti-piracy unit.

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