More Sophisticated, China Inserts Electromagnetic Capability into the FH 95 Drone

More Sophisticated, China Inserts Electromagnetic Capability into the FH 95 Drone
The FH-95 electronic warfare drone UAVs are displayed at Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai

International Military - China seems to be redeveloping its newest drone, the FH 95. This drone was actually introduced last year. However, the first flight test of the FH 95 drone was carried out in 2017. Then in 2019, its flight, combat and reconnaissance capabilities were only showcased to foreign customers. This includes representatives from the Chinese government.

Two years later, China found its first foreign customer for the FH 95, but declined to say who it was. Quoted from Bulgarian Military, the FH 95 drone has been tested for its electronic warfare performance.

The FH 95 is said to be able to carry a maximum payload of 250 kg. This drone can also fly 24 hours in the air, conduct complex combat, and complex reconnaissance missions. Unmanned vehicle sources say that the FH 95 drone is designed to operate in highly contested battlefield environments.

Its capabilities are not only limited to conducting electronic warfare, but also providing precision air strikes. The FH 95 itself has an autonomous operating mode. This allows it to operate in aerial formations that are widely used in conjunction with other drones, including airplanes. Armed reconnaissance, border patrol, and maritime surveillance are some of the uses of drones.

Chen Jianguo, ATFTC general manager and researcher said that another main goal is to provide protection. “In addition to conducting electromagnetic interference with enemy weapon systems during missions, the FH 95 is designed to provide stealth capabilities to the FH 97 unmanned aerial vehicle that must penetrate and destroy enemy lines.

However, the FH 95 must also provide protection and assistance to our other drone, the FH 92A which carries out the follow-up attack," Chen said. Now with the new electronic warfare capabilities, China is sure to find more than one customer for the FH 95.

Quoted from sandboxx, the idea of ​​using drones as an EW platform is not new. An example is the Russian Orlan 10. It is claimed to be capable of carrying a jammer designed to interfere with cell phone communications or even hack cell phone towers.

Orlans have been deployed in the Ukraine war, in which Ukraine claims to have shot down many of them. EW drones, like the FH 95, can have a significant effect on the battlefield. As expendable and unmanned platforms, they can fly in the sky dangerously.

The effect on modern armies can be significant. This is especially true for the US whose concept of warfare involves operations that are highly integrated and closely linked by data networks. For this reason, FH 95 can be a threat to many countries with its electronic jammer capabilities.

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