China's FH 97 Electronic Warfare Drone Allegedly Similar to US Valkyrie XQ-58A

China's FH 97 Electronic Warfare Drone Allegedly Similar to US Valkyrie XQ-58A
China's FH 97 Electronic Warfare Drone

International Military - China is testing the FH 95, a drone designed for electronic warfare. The drone is even said to have passed a milestone performance test, according to Chinese media claims.

Previously, it should be noted that the FH 95 is a medium-range twin-tail UAV powered by a propeller-type thruster. It can be used for attack or reconnaissance missions, as well as electronic warfare (EW).

Quoted from sandboxx, the FH 95 drone has an “endurance of more than 24 hours.” This enables operators to carry out complex combat missions. This includes comprehensive reconnaissance in highly contested battlefield environments, as well as electronic warfare and precise elimination.

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Chen Jianguo, General Manager for the FH 95 Aerospace Times Feihong Technology Company manufacturer revealed the capabilities of this drone. "Drones capable of electronic warfare, reconnaissance and early warning will be important in combat, as they can perform long-range detection outside the defense area or carry out tactical feints and saturation attacks in coordination with manned aircraft," Jianguo said.

The FH 95 can also be used to support other drones. On top of that, China's FH 97 drone appears to have been designed to fulfill the same type of combat role envisioned for the US Valkyrie.

Quoted from The Drive, like the Valkyrie, China's FH 97 also features a hidden trapezoid fuselage. It also has a sharply swept main wing, a V-shaped tail, and air inlets located above the fuselage.

In fact, the plane's armory has the same hidden jagged edges to its doors. The Chinese drone also has electro-optical sensors in gold-plated window coverings hidden under the nose, similar to the appearance of the F-35. It also has two small jet engines instead of one.

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