Capability of KQ-200, One of China's Military Super Sophisticated Alutsista That Can Threaten North Natuna

Capability of KQ-200, One of China's Military Super Sophisticated Alutsista That Can Threaten North Natuna
Two Chinese KQ-200 Anti-Submarine Aircraft

International Military - KQ-200 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) is a vital aircraft in the Chinese military. It is so vital that this aircraft is of very high quality in maritime-based missions. In particular the maritime mission carried out by KQ 200 near Taiwan which was informed by on December 6, 2020.

It is evident that the tracking power and visual search power of the KQ-200 can identify several types of warships in the area. To the extent that there are claims that several types of submarines can be detected by the KQ 200 role.

Therefore, if the role of the KQ-200 is very high quality and quite lethal for detection and maritime missions. Moreover, the KQ 200 is based on one of the existing Chinese aircraft.

Quoted from on April 29, 2019, the KQ-200 is based on the Y-8 Aircraft Platform. Based on the Y-8 aircraft, the KQ 200 has a very superior quality

It is evident that the KQ-200 features a very high-quality engine. It was explained that the quality engine was a WJ-6C turboprop. From the quality of the engine makes the KQ 200 very reliable in several missions in several areas. It is evident that this aircraft is designed to complement the Chinese Air Force.

Not only equipping it, but KQ 200 was also deployed to the northern navy and southern navy. That means that he served in the South China Sea as a support fleet.

It is explained that the first two prototypes of the KQ-200 were first seen at the SAC factory airfield in November 2011. Finally, mass production of the KQ 200 is believed to have started in 2015.

According to his explanation, the KQ 200 was already in service in December 2016. As a result, until now, the KQ-200 is still actively serving as a very reliable aircraft.

There is information that the KQ-200 has a range of about 5,000 km. And the endurance of the patrol is about 10 hours. This quality makes the KQ 200 one of the most advanced anti-submarine aircraft in the East Asia region.

In addition, the KQ-200 aircraft are known to be able to serve well in various weather conditions. So do not be surprised if this aircraft is capable of serving on night or day missions. These advantages make the KQ 200 one of the most reliable defense equipment in various missions.

The KQ-200 aircraft has a maximum speed of up to 662 km/h. With this maximum speed, it can fly up to a height of 10.4 km. And its maximum take-off weight is 61,000 kg and makes it superior in operation.

Moreover, there is an explanation of some of the technologies found in the KQ-200. It is explained that he is equipped with a surface search radar under the nose.

As well as electro-optical payloads under the KQ-200 fuselage. And the magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) in the tail of the KG200 makes the aircraft an expert in anti-submarine missions.

Therefore the KQ-200 is equipped with 4 points for deploying sonobuoys (SQ-4 and SQ-5). And the cargo hold of the KQ-200 can carry torpedo-type anti-submarine weapons. There are rumors of the ability to carry 4 YJ-83K anti-ship missiles under the wings of the KQ-200.

Quoted from, that the KQ-200 area of ​​operation is based in the South China Sea. That means the KQ-200 aircraft's cruising range is capable of reaching the North Natuna area.

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