5 Chinese Ballistic Missiles Launched Into Taiwan Waters Fall in Zone Economic Exclusive Japan

5 Chinese Ballistic Missiles Launched Into Taiwan Waters Fall in Zone Economic Exclusive Japan
5 Chinese Ballistic Missiles Launched Into Taiwan Waters

- Five ballistic missiles fired by China on Thursday (4/8/2022) have fallen into Japan's exclusive economic zone. This was stated by Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi. Kishi said this was the first time a Chinese missile had fallen into Japan's ZEE.

Quoted from the Nikkei, in a press conference at the Japanese Ministry of Defense said "We strongly condemn the serious problems involving Japan's national security and the safety of its people.

The missile was launched during military exercises conducted by China around Taiwan following the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei. Japan confirmed a total of nine launches from around 3pm to 4pm. Kishi called the exercise "very pushy". "Japan will make every effort to gather and analyze intelligence and maintain vigilance and surveillance," the defense minister said.

Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori summoned Chinese Ambassador Kong Xuanyou to protest the launch and urged that the drills be stopped immediately. As is known, China held a massive military exercise that surrounded Taiwan.

Air and sea live-fire drills, some of which crossed Taiwan's air and sea space, began hours after the US House of Representatives Speaker left Taiwan on Wednesday, following the first visit by a senior US politician to the island in 25 years.

The Ministry of National Defense stated that the Chinese Communist Party fired several Dongfeng series ballistic missiles into the waters around northeastern and southwest Taiwan.

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It was later confirmed that 11 missiles had been fired, nearly double the number fired in July 1995 during the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis.

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The exercise will also use some of China's most advanced weapons, including DF-17 hypersonic missiles and J-20 stealth fighter jets, according to a report by state newspaper Global Times. "The exercise is unprecedented as conventional PLA missiles are expected to fly over the island of Taiwan for the first time," the newspaper said. Taiwan's Defense Ministry says China's drills constitute a de facto blockade of the island.

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