This is the Legendary World Elite Unit Assault Rifle, One Level Above the M4 Carbine

This is the Legendary World Elite Unit Assault Rifle, One Level Above the M4 Carbine
the Legendary World Elite Unit Assault Rifle, One Level Above the M4 Carbine

International Military - Talking about the M4 Carbine's gait, this assault rifle is already very legendary. And it's true that the M4 Carbine assault rifle itself has been crippled in many combat operations. For this reason, it is clear that the M4 Carbine has been included in one of the world's best assault rifle candidates.

And it is clear that many elite military and police units are currently still using the M4 Carbine. Quoted from on April 5, 2020, SFOD-D is known to use the M4 Carbine as its flagship. Due to the shape and versatility of the M4 Carbine, this weapon is favored by elite units in the US Army.

However, behind the gait of the M4 Carbine itself there are weapons that are far more sophisticated than the M4 Carbine. It is known that the weapon that is claimed to be more sophisticated than the M4 Carbine is the SIG MCX. Informed from the page, the SIG MCX is based on the AR-15.

As a result, the role of the SIG MCX can be regarded as one of the weapons with an assault rifle type. Not just an assault rifle, but the role of the SIG MCX can be said as a modular weapon. For this reason, the MCX GIS can be reconfigured in various ways.

Especially in the installation of various tactical accessories tools in SIG MCX. It is proven that the SIG MCX itself can be easily removed and paired with various tools. Such as optical sights, lasers, handgrips, flashlights and many more can be installed on the SIG MCX.

And there is information if the SIG MCX itself uses 2 different caliber bullets. Such as 5.56x45 mm caliber bullets and .300 AAC Blackout allegedly can be loaded on the SIG MCX. As a result, the capacity of the SIG MCX magazine can accommodate 30 bullets. And the rate of fire for SIG MCX can reach 800 rounds/min.

To be able to summarize the SIG MCX, the shoulder stock of the weapon can be folded. This is useful for SIG MCX mobility so that it is easy to carry in mobility. But for the weight of the SIG MCX itself, it can reach 2.65 kg even without a full magazine. Allegedly with a full bullet magazine, the weight of the SIG MCX can reach 2.9 kg.

It should also be noted that the SIG MCX has an overall length of 908 mm. And the length of the SIG MCX barrel is only around 406 mm. With the dimensions of length and weight, it is clear that the SIG MCX is reliable in various operating fields. Such as close combat CQB, jungle guerrilla battles, and city battles can be done SIG MCX.

It is proven that the SIG MCX has an effective range of up to 503 meters. From this effective range, the role of the SIG MCX as an assault rifle is extraordinary. Apart from that, the SIG MCX itself has many variants that are quite complete.

From the SIG MCX VIRTUS, SBR, Carbine, Pistol, LVAW, SPEAR, and pistol variants. It is noted that Indonesia is the only country in Asia that uses the MCX GIS in Asia. As for the countries that use MCX GIS in the world today, most of them are from Europe. Such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK, USA, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and France using GIS MCX.

In addition, the SIG MCX itself is known to have been commissioned in 2015. This means that this tactical weapon is only 7 years old from its assignment. And there's information from YouTube T.REX ARMS explaining the accuracy of the MCX SIG.

In the video, entitled Ukrainian Special Operations SIG MCX, it can be seen that the accuracy of this weapon is quite precise. Especially in women at close range, the role of SIG MCX is really topnotch. This indicates that the SIG MCX is truly extraordinary for its slick performance.

It is also explained that the SIG MCX is also very high-performance when running fast reaction shooting. This is shown if the shooter with SIG MCX fires several times at the target. And the results were very satisfying and hit the mark on what he was hoping for with the SIG MCX.

In addition, there is information on YouTube Garand Thumb which explains the SIG MCX mud test at 8.30 minutes, it is clear that there are no problems with SIG MCX. Meanwhile, in the mud test at 25.48 minutes, it was clear that there were no significant problems with the SIG MCX. This means the SIG MCX withstands mud trials.

And it indicates that if the SIG MCX class assault rifle is of sufficient quality in all battlefields, then the SIG MCX becomes a legendary world elite unit assault rifle.

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