The Russian Robot 'Killing Dog' With AK-74 Rifle, Future War Concept

The Russian Robot 'Killing Dog' With AK-74 Rifle, Future War Concept
Russian robot dog model with AK-74 rifle

International Military - The biggest video on YouTube shows a robot dog firing a machine gun. It is known the video of the robot dog was posted to YouTube in March by Alexander Atamanov.

Alexander Atamanov himself is a technology inventor and entrepreneur. In the video, you can see a 'dog' firing an automatic machine gun mounted on its back at a stationary target.

The footage also shows a robot dog flying the Russian flag to one side. However, the robot dog doesn't seem to be able to handle weapon recoil very well. Looks like the robot needs time to get its balance back.

The rifle looks like Russia's PP-19 Vityaz, a submachine gun based on the AK-74 design, NDTV News reports. The video also briefly shows a close-up of the rifle's eyepiece to explain how targeting is done.

Alexander Atamanov is the founder of HOVERSURF. HOVERSURF was founded in 2014. The Russian born man started his career in the aerospace industry.

HOVERSURF itself is a company that manufactures drones that are used to carry humans. Their project is a next-generation transportation system. The company is engaged in solving problems in cities with traffic congestion and helping save on infrastructure development.

In January 2021, Alexander Atamanov unveiled a new model of air taxi, and it is expected to be ready to fly in early 2023. The question is, why is Atamov experimenting with robotic armed dogs?

The robot dog that Antamov uses is not his own, but Boston Dynamics. But the dog in the video looks different from the dancing version of Boston Dynamics, even though it looks like the tap has different legs and ports.

Dozens of Boston Dynamics robot dogs are for sale online, including the version in the video (unarmed). The dog in the video is a UnitreeYusu “tech dog” that sells for $2,700 online.

Future Battle Concept

"It would be nice to have these dogs and other remote-controlled robots in a war, where all the battles would be fought with no one on the ground," one person responded to the video of Atamanov's robot dog.

In the US, a similar robot dog prototype was launched by Ghost Robotics in 2021. The project is called the Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle or SPUR.

The robot dog uses a 6.5mm Creedmoor gun and is equipped with sensors that allow it to function day and night.

While they may look cute, robots that can fire real weapons are not something beautiful. The technology it uses has real-world military applications.

According to The War Zone, robot dogs are not only used for patrols and surveillance. Judging from the experience of the US military using the four-legged drone now. By installing a weapon system on them, it will provide its own combat capabilities.

China itself has also experimented with this four-legged unmanned system, and armed it with the standard QBZ-95 infantry rifle or smoke grenade launcher. Providing robot dogs with weapons, allows the military to attack targets even within small limits.

But with a “model” like this, a country's armed forces can carry out attacks on zones that are inaccessible to humans. Like rescuing hostages, to getting into urban battles. And it doesn't stop there, bringing in an armed robot will provide psychological attacks for the opponent.

Although this technology can't be compared to sci-fi scenes in movies. But this is already within the capabilities of human technology. Moreover, the "price" to control this robot remotely is not too expensive compared to other larger and complex weapon systems.

The challenge for the developers is, how far does this killer robot dog go? Now they still have to be controlled, but it is possible in the future the system will work completely independently.

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