The Excellence of Yu Shan, The Ship To Be Deployed To Strengthen Taiwan's Defense

The Excellence of Yu Shan, The Ship To Be Deployed To Strengthen Taiwan's Defense
The Excellence of Yu Shan, The Ship To Be Deployed To Strengthen Taiwan's Defense

Taipei - China's continued threats do not seem to make Taiwan weak. It is even known that since the threat has increased, Taiwan also seems to continue to show their military capabilities and alusista.

Some time ago, it was reported that Taiwan has just finished conducting sea trials of the Landing Platform Dock (LPD). Quoted from the Asia Times page, the ship that has just carried out this test is called the 'Yu Shan'. The Taiwanese government hopes that Yu Shan's hood can be present in the waters in September.

It was reported that the Yu Shan was built by Taiwanese shipbuilder China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC). The ship is expected to be assigned to carry out amphibious combat operations.

Yu Shan is expected to be able to sail on Taiwan's outer islands to become one of the missions for disaster relief. Not only that, it is also hoped that the Yu Shan ship will later become a floating hospital.

Regarding the specifications, the Yu Shan ship has a length of 153 meters. Yu Shan can accommodate a full load of up to 10,600 tons. Yu Shan will later be able to carry AAV-7 amphibious assault vehicles, landing craft, Hummer vehicles, up to two helicopters.

In addition, the Yu Shan Ship is also capable of carrying approximately 673 soldiers. He was armed with six or seven fast artillery pieces. The artillery is a Square Array Rapid Artillery and two Sea Sword missiles.

These three weapons will later be used for air defense at close range. If the initial plan goes ahead, Yu Shan will later be deployed to strengthen the islands that are at the forefront of Taiwan.

So with this it will support the claim of the island which does have its own government. This island is located off the coast of China and in the South China Sea, which until now is indeed being a territorial conflict of several countries.

It is also known that the South China Sea is a key asset in Taiwan's naval diplomacy. In this regard, the Taiwanese government hopes that the Yu Shan ship will have an effect on Taiwan's frontline islands. So this is also expected to be a delay in the possible invasion of China.

This Yu Shan will also be a major asset for the country of Taiwan. This happens because it will enforce Taiwan's claim to territory in the South China Sea. So that later this can also reinforce territorial claims, for Taiwan to China.

Previously, Taiwan had firmly said that the island claimed by China was part of it. Even with this, the Taiwanese government said it would be ready to defend its territory and maritime rights.

It is important to note that one of the islands, Matsu Island, is known to be guarded by Yu Shan's ship. On this island Taiwan has built extensive tunnels as well as field fortifications.

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