Specifications of the M22 Locust, Tank Remnants of World War II which Super Light

Specifications of the M22 Locust, Tank Remnants of World War II which Super Light
The M22 Locust Tank

International Military - There are many famous tanks during World War II. Britain had Comwell and Vickers tanks. The Soviet Union had the T-34. Germany has such a thing as the Panzer. Meanwhile, the Americans have Sherman. However, there is one more that was forgotten, namely the M22 Locust, a light tank in the air.

That said, the M22 Locust is a not-so-good tank. Quoted from 19fortyfive.com, the only problem is that the M22 Locust is a light tank.

As many have noted, the M22 Locust has been running low since its inception. There are many reasons for this, many problems are due to the strict requirements imposed on its weight as an air tank, the armor is scanty. This creates another, more obvious problem.

The tank hull armor had a maximum thickness of just under half an inch. Some of the slanted hulls are only about a third of an inch thick. That means tanks can't last long in intense battles.

The M22 doesn't have much offensive value either. It was armed with a small 37mm gun and the M22 could not match the defensive measures of German armored vehicles.

The M22 also experienced frequent mechanical problems and an underpowered engine. Between frail armor, weak weapons, and weak engines, the M22 is pretty much ineffective on the battlefield.

The M22 often struggles just to get to the battlefield in the first place. Extensive testing shows that loading the M22 onto an aircraft is time-intensive. It was declared obsolete, and was officially withdrawn from service in 1946.

Quoted from paradata.org.uk, here are the full specifications of the M22 tank:

  • Weight 7.4 tons (16,400 lb)
  • Length 12 feet 11 inches (3.94 m)
  • 7 feet 1 inch (2.16 m) wide
  • Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
  • Crew 3 (Commander/loader, gunner, driver)
  • Armament 1x 37 mm Rifle 1 x .30 Browning M1919A4 . machine gun
  • Range 135 million (217 km)
  • Speed ​​40 miles per hour (64 km/h
  • Armor 9mm – 12mm (0.3 inch – 0.4 inch)

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