New Configuration J-10, China's J-10C Fighter is Called Similar To the US F-16D Fighting Falcon

New ConfigurationJ-10, China's J-10C Fighter is Called Similar To the US F-16D Fighting Falcon
The New Configuration China's J-10C Fighter

International Military - Recently, China's J-10 single-engine fighter has sparked widespread speculation among military experts. This started with the publication of images of the new configuration of the J-10 fighter jet. This then triggers what is the goal, how widely will be deployed, and what is the backbone of the house itself.

Not only that, the J-10 is also a light fighter jet currently in production on a larger scale than any other in the world. Aside from the American F-35, the latest variant of the J-10C is considered a close contender for the title of the world's top single engine fighter.

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Quoted from Military Watch Magazine, this aircraft is appreciated for its maintenance needs and low operating costs. However, it has a powerful AESA radar and network-centric warfare capabilities. Its access to advanced weapon classes such as the PL-15 air-to-air missile is also highly compatible.

The newly revealed J-10 mainly uses the older Russian AL-31FN engine, which has been removed from the new production batch in favor of the original WS-10. Even so, it turns out that there is one theory for the latest publication of the J-10.

One theory for the purpose of the new plane is that the expanded spine holds fuel for the smoke generator pod. This then allows it to operate in support of older J-10s under the 72nd Air Brigade which also uses AL-31FN engines.

Another theory is that the planes may not be intended for Chinese service at all. Rather it is for export clients similar to how the American F-16D was modified with extended spines for a number of foreign carriers.

Quoted from The Drive, this is similar to the special export variants of the F-16D and F. The photos show the J-10 in a prominent 'big spine' configuration. This addition has the potential to house a variety of systems, including expanded electronic warfare and countermeasures systems. It also includes passive communications and sensors.

Not to mention the cooling needed to support these features. It also has the potential to provide additional space for fuel, but it is unlikely. The extra space is essential for two-seat fighter derivatives which usually provide extra space and fuel for the second crew.

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