China's J-10 Makes Modifications, The 'Spine' Of The Fighter Looks New

China's J-10 Makes Modifications, The 'Spine' Of The Fighter Looks New
J-10A aircraft of the Ba Yi, 2018

Beijing - The J-10 is China's answer to the US' F-16 Fighting Falcon. It is known, China's J-10 underwent changes recently. There seems to be a significant addition to the J-10's spine

This is likely a large compartment to house electronic warfare equipment or an improved radar system. This shows the People's Liberation Air Force of China (PLAAF) wants to develop its current aircraft in addition to developing new ones.

Quoted from, the update likely means that the fighter pictured now is a variant called the J-10D. It's unclear if the spine upgrades to accommodate more fuel or if it's now equipped with better technology for the two-seat model as well.

Quoted from Zee News, there are leaked images related to this J-10. "Leaked images of the J-10 show the jet's one-piece canopy design improves stealth, while the delta wing appears straight unlike the bent surface on the older J-10, J-10B and J-10C variants. This, again, adds to the capability stealth, drag and aerodynamics," wrote Zee News.

The J-10D will most likely get avionics from the J-10C. This jet has one of the best Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars among single-engine fighters. It is equipped with 1,200 TR (transmitter/receiver) modules. The F-16D itself has the same spinal modification.

The F-16D has a similar “big spine” modification for export. Israel and Pakistan have imported the model and Singapore, Greece, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt have also boasted the addition of a large F-16 backbone.

In addition, the J-10, dubbed the "Strong Dragon" by the PLAAF, is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft planted domestically by China. Development began in 1988 to replace the J-7 fighter and entered service in 2004.

The J-10B comes next with mid-air refueling capabilities plus improved thrust and radar. The J-10C has a locally produced power plant instead of the Russian Saturn AL-31 engine.

There are about 240 various J-10 models in service. The multi-role fighter flies up to MACH 2.2 and can carry laser-guided bombs.

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