Developing SAMP/T Missile Project, Turkey Ready to Strengthen Cooperation With Italy and France!

Developing SAMP/T Missile Project, Turkey Ready to Strengthen Cooperation With Italy and France!
Turkey Developing SAMP/T Missile Project

- Known for its defiance of NATO, Turkey is now ready to strengthen defense cooperation with Italy and France. Turkey is known to continue working on joint defense projects with France and Italy based on the SAMP/T air defense missile system from Eurosam.

This was stated directly by the Turkish President Erdoan. he made the comments after an intergovernmental meeting between him and Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in Ankara, where nine new bilateral cooperation agreements were signed.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the Italian Prime Minister said his country wanted to cooperate with Turkey on the Russia-Ukraine situation. He would also appreciate Ankara's efforts in mediation between the two warring parties. Turkey's search for the SAMP/T air defense system is nothing new.

Quoted from Daily Sabah , In March 2022, Erdogan announced that France, Italy and Turkey had decided to continue exploring ways to revive the SAMP/T missile defense system project.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan told reporters on a flight back from Brussels that "We have decided to continue our efforts to revive the three steps we took as Turkey-France-Italy. I hope we will start this new process with gusto after the elections [in France].

In 2017, Turkey, Italy and France signed a statement to advance the joint development of their air and missile defense systems. Then in 2018, an agreement was signed between Turkish partners Aselsan and Roketsan, and Eurosam (Italy and French Consortium) for the Long Range Air and Missile Defense Systems Project (LORAMIDS).

Quoted from Military Today, the SAMP/T air defense missile system was developed by EUROSAM. The primary role of SAMP/T is to protect deployed troops and vital fixed assets.

The SAMP/T system can strike enemy aircraft as well as a variety of missiles, including cruise missiles, stand-off missiles, and anti-radiation missiles.

Furthermore, the SAMP/T has demonstrated its capabilities against tactical ballistic missiles. The system can strike larger aircraft at a range of up to 120 km and its range against ballistic and anti-radiation missiles is 15 km.

The SAMP/T system can be adapted to work with a variety of long-range radars with a detection range of 300 to 400 km, when using the Thales GM400 long-range radar.

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