China's Shenyang J-35 Second Stealth Fighter Begins to be 'Revealed'

China's Shenyang J-35 Second Stealth Fighter Begins to be 'Revealed'
China's Shenyang J-35 Stealth Fighter

Beijing - China's second stealth fighter, the Shenyang J 35 begins to be 'Revealed'. The images of the stealth fighter made a scene on social media. In fact, the image appears to have a high resolution showing a prototype naval variant of China's Shenyang J-35 stealth fighter.

The J-35 or also known as FC 31 is shown with serial number 35003 and tactical paint gray. It has also softened the national badge and other markings that can be seen in the image.

China's Shenyang J-35 Second Stealth Fighter Begins to be 'Revealed'
The China's Shenyang J-35 Or FC 31 Stealth Fighter

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the aircraft in question is reportedly the second and third flying prototypes overall. At the top of the plane's tail fin is a "flying shark" insignia similar to that on the PLAN J-15 carrier-based fighter jet.

This confirms the planned role of the navy and shows that it has been advancing steadily over the past few months. Recent images also show that the aircraft has taken some design cues from the American stealth fighter. The fuselage canopy is front opening, bent internally with an integral bulkhead at the rear, like the F-35.

The A and C variants of Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have a broadly comparable rear canopy arrangement. The J-35's engines are highly visible in recent images of the aircraft.

Experts believe this could be the first glimpse of the new WS-21 engines powering the aircraft. According to defense analysts, this Chinese fighter will need a few more years to reach a mature stage.

Experts argue that it is currently difficult to determine how hidden this design is. However, the continued development of the aircraft demonstrates Beijing's intention to immediately deploy fifth-generation aircraft on its carriers.

In the new images, the air data probe, which is often mounted on aircraft undergoing various flight tests, is also seen mounted on the J-35.

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